Things to Remember While Buying Plants From Nursery

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When it comes to choosing plants that we can really care for, most of us make the same mistake: we choose the plants we need before considering the conditions in our backyard. Why is this a problem?

If we are not sure what type of soil we have or if we have not analyzed how much sunlight the space receives, we can choose plants that do not have buds to survive. No matter what the environmental conditions, being honest with yourself about how often we are willing to water our plants and how much grooming time we will have will also affect the plants we should buy.

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Here, considering these five factors before going to nursery can help you choose plants that are sure to succeed.

Check your soil

Before going to the nursery, check your soil. After heavy rain (or if you leave the sprinkler on), will it dry out after a few days or stay wet for a while? Plants that like it lie on the dry side (like lavender) when the roots are wet. Plants that don’t like it will dry out and deform if they don’t drink enough. Knowing what the soil is doing is one piece of the puzzle – the other is a realistic idea of ​​how much water you need.

Think about the sunlight in your yard

All the plants you choose will find it easier to stay healthy and alive if they are adapted to the current conditions of your home. When checking plant viability in your hardy area, consider the sunlight that your garden, patio, or deck receives. Is the place sunny all day or only in the afternoon? It gets morning light but is it in full shade for the rest of the day? Once you’ve noticed the sun, choose plants that thrive, in partial shade, or in full shade.

Think about how much space you have

Before buying, check the mature size of the plant and find out how much space you need to fill. Looking at the perfect plant right now can be a burden if it gets too big and you have to trim it every month just by using the path or looking out your window.

Think about how much time you have

Some plants require more care than others, so be honest about how much time you want to spend looking after them. For example, varieties like purple cones have to be killed to keep producing new flowers and inhibiting many plants. They grow well without these two weeks of maintenance, but they don’t look good and create more work later when you have to pluck a dozen seedlings that threaten to disturb other plants.

Do your research in advance

The number of plants available in your garden center can be daunting. One thing that will help you stay focused is making a list. If you don’t have time to do research on the plant you need in advance, at least write down the properties that are important to you. For example, you could name something like purple perennials that attract butterflies and have fragrant flowers.


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