Things About Black Angus Bulls for Sale in Utah


Black Angus beef is the popular choice throughout Utah and the United States when it comes to steaks both in grocery stores and ordered in restaurants. Market data even proves that Black Angus beef can bring in up to 15 percent higher prices than the other types of beef on the market. Many Utah producers and ranchers purchase Black Angus calves more than other types of breeds so that they can raise them and sell them since they will bring in more money.

The Black Angus breed made its way to the United States, including Utah, via Victoria, Kansas, when George Grant brought some over from Scotland in 1874. Farmers, ranchers, and producers throughout the United States decided this breed was one of the top ones to own and breed since they are very hearty when it comes to their weight as well as their ability to withstand cold weather conditions. They are also less maintenance because they do not have horns, therefore, they do not tear up fencing or hurt each other as often so medical bills are lower for this breed.

Producers and ranchers in Utah and elsewhere who own Black Angus cattle can become members of the American Angus Association which has many benefits for them and can save money in the long run which is another reason why this breed is very popular. For producers, Black, and also Red, Angus cows are less likely to experience any major issues while they are pregnant which makes breeding Black Angus Bulls much easier, more desirable, and even more profitable than other breeds. Also, Black Angus cattle reach their maturity much earlier than other breeds which means they are ready to breed sooner and can make back the money spent on them in the first place as well as a profit margin for the producer.

What is the best Black Angus Bull in Utah?

According to the latest statistics, the Conley Express Black Angus Bull is at the top of the list when it comes to the best Black Angus Bull to purchase for farmers, producers, and ranchers of beef. Many of these types of breeds can be found in Utah, where they tend to continue to thrive in the harsher weather conditions of Utah.

How Much Does a Black Angus Bull Cost?

Black Angus bulls can bring in a good amount of money for their breeders and typically so in the price range between $5,000 and $8,000. Recently, a rancher by the name of Dave Hinman in Great Falls, Montana, was able to bring in a whopping $350,000 for his Black Angus bull known as Cowboy Up when he sold him at the Hinman Angus Ranch in Malta, Montana. Before that sale, the previous high sale price for a Hinman Angus bull was about $100,000.

When it comes to raising Black Angus bulls, there are some costs involved. For example, on average, a 1,400 pound Black Angus cow will eat approximately 40 pounds of food each day. The cost of food per day would be about $1.40 if the price of hay is it around $65 per ton of it. In addition to feed, you also need to factor in the amount of water that your Black Angus cows will need as well as cleaning costs of their pens and the overhead you would have to shell out if you have more than 20 Black Angus cows on your property. You also need to factor in the veterinarian bills since all animals will require visits to the vet. There are also insurance and breeding expenses that need to be considered as well as other expenses, including the pasture for your cattle, the barns in which you house them, yardage, and other costs which can add up to about $700 each. You also may have travel expenses if you agree to deliver the cows that you sell to other producers, farmers, and ranchers. There also may be some fees when it comes to travel to pick up cattle that you purchase from other breeders. You may also want to purchase Black Angus Bull sperm which comes at a cost and you will need to travel to purchase it.

How Much is a Black Angus Bull Calf Worth?

The cost of a Black Angus cow will depend on the age, gender, size and weight, and even the location from which it is being purchased. A bull will usually cost around 1,400 or more while a Black Angus cow will cost anywhere from $800 to more than $3,000 depending on all the previously stated factors. These factors also apply to how much a Black Angus bull is worth but most are worth at least $1,800.

Contact the Lost Lake Ranch

Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch began in the late 1800s as the Lost Lake Land and Livestock Ranch. After the former owner retired when World War II ended, his daughter and her husband took over the ranch. In 1968, they sold it to Bill and Dolores Harrer who renamed it what it remains today as Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch. They began selling Hereford cattle but eventually changed to an all Angus cow operation which is reflected in the Harrer Angus roots. The ranch is dedicated to maintaining, as well as improving, the environment while raising high-quality Black Angus bulls and cattle. They also offer Black Angus Bull semen and several other services as well. When you are purchasing semen or a bull, you will definitely want to ensure that they are top-quality and you can find that at Harrer’s Lost Lake Ranch.


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