The Small Business Guide to Digital Signage

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One of the most important things about digital signage is that it levels the playing field because social media, PPP(pay per click), and online advertising have become pay to play platforms where coverage is most frequently a direct output of budget. With digital signage, the setup cost and the rollout is dependent on the number of screens that businesses use, not the number of other companies that they are competing with.

Any small business that is planning to increase its marketing activities can go on to use digital display. Various industries, including retail, hospitality, education, healthcare, corporate, and art galleries, use different digital displays.

 How small businesses must choose the best digital signage

Small businesses must consider the following in choosing the best digital signage.

1. Determine the setup needs

In choosing the best digital signage solution, small businesses must first decide their setup needs and choose a digital signage screen that best suit their needs, budget, and office layout.

2. Define their audience

Defining the needs of the audience can help small businesses choose the correct digital signage and help them plan content requirements.

3. Select content managers

Once small businesses have decided about the setup and audience,  they must choose a content manager who manages the content on the digital signage.

4. Curate the conten

After selecting the content manager, small businesses must curate their content. Small business digital signage can display various types of digital content such as:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Slides testimonials
  • Maps
  • Menus
  • Calendars
  • Company information
  • Interactive games

5. Track the success of the digital signage

Finally, small businesses must ensure that they measure the success of the digital signage campaign to make the best use of it. It is accomplished when small businesses can track relevant business metrics, like customer satisfaction rates.

The best digital signage displays for small businesses

The best digital signage displays that small businesses must consider using are:

1. Window displays – One of the best small business digital signage solutions to draw the attention of visitors

2. Touch screen displays – Easily adapted to perform different functions, making them one of the best displays for small business digital signage

3. Video walls – Due to their size, video walls are easily seen from far distances, helping small businesses attract more customers. Video walls work exceptionally well in waiting areas, such as lobbies and receptions, because they are entertaining, engaging, and visually appealing.

4. Outdoor displays – They are extremely well built and can be used in all weather conditions, as they are sealed from rain, snow, dirt, mud, and other weather conditions.

5. Freestanding displays and kiosks – Due to their flexibility, these can be placed anywhere making them one of the best digital signage displays for small businesses


Digital signage provides more advantages for small businesses than traditional signage in the long run because they are versatile, adaptable,  highly engaging, and affordable. Therefore, small businesses must make the best use of digital signage to grow exponentially.


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