The Best Social Media Monitoring Tools for any Business


Businesses need to be aware of customers’ sentiments regarding their product, whether negative or positive. This way, they can respond accordingly to any concerns. The growth of social media platforms has highly impacted how customers express their views regarding products and services. Social media managers ensure they are on top of every conversation where their brand is mentioned and respond to the audience accordingly. Otherwise, it can be costly to a brand. Social media monitoring is a reactive observation of brand mention across social media platforms. Brands engage efficiently with their brands.

Benefits of social media monitoring

Companies can experience numerous benefits associated with using monitoring software. Not responding to clients ranting a business name across social platforms can be dangerous to a business. It doesn’t matter if they criticize, praise, or need clarity brands should engage sooner to avoid missing out on important information. Following are some of the benefits;

●        Monitor accounts on various social media platforms. With the right tools, brands can cut through the social media clutter in their feed.

●        Receive quick alerts on customer complaints and criticism. Managers can avoid manual searches, which are hectic trying to figure out a keyword that a critic may have used. The software alerts them once a brand is mentioned.

●        Brands can track competition through their audience. Not only does the audience give brand insight on their products or services, but they are bound to mention critical details regarding competitor products, especially if they are dissatisfied with yours. Thus interacting with them helps a brand identify areas of improvement and work on them to regain customer trust.

●        It helps brands monitor social reputation in real-time. Though company tags on any platforms may pop on their feed, they might miss out on mentions where clients don’t tag them. According to research, this makes up to 30 % of clients who avoid tagging a brand. They only mention the company’s name, meaning businesses can miss out on important information.

●        Gain insight on social media effectiveness. Social media monitoring is a valuable tool for brands who seek to manage a brands reputation and enhance customer satisfaction by tracking their feedback.

Some of the top social media monitoring tools

The monitoring tools allow users to track customer feedback across various social platforms. They are essential tools for social media marketers as they help them quickly understand and respond to their audience. The devices come in variety; hence it’s necessary to look for features that suit your needs.

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite helps organizations carry out their strategies across social platforms. Its main features include sentiment scoring, social reporting, influencer identification, social listening, and social measurement. Its automated scheduling function allows users to publish their post in advance and edit it without altering the publishing date. However, users have to be constant if they wish to learn to use it effectively.

2. Sprout Social

Sprout Social equips users to do more with their social media strategy. They enjoy various benefits like collaborating in real-time, connecting better with an audience, streamlining publishing workflow, and turning social media data into valuable insights. Its features include influencer identification, social listening, reporting, and measurements.

3. Zoho Social

Zoho Social is a complete package that allows brands to schedule posts, create dashboards, and much more. Its features include social scoring, influencer identification, among others.

NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid is a social analytics company that helps businesses understand their clients through social media monitoring. The social platforms provide a company with essential information regarding how the public views them to boost their business. They help businesses to critically analyze data collected through different software to avoid making wrong assumptions.


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