The Advantages of Christian Education

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Throughout history in the United States, Christian education has been integral in helping students gain their degrees, while also obtaining a better understanding of their Christian faith. Today, there are more Christian private schools, colleges, and universities than ever. Parents who want to send their children to a Christian education should consider the advantages. 

What Are the Benefits of Pursuing a Christian Education?

The advantages of attending Christian Colleges are plentiful. Understanding these benefits will help parents and students make wise decisions that will benefit their futures. Parents should consider the following. 

  • One of the biggest benefits of pursuing a Christian education is the Bible’s teachings. Secular schools cannot teach the Bible. Most Christian schools implement the Bible in every area of study. These schools focus on Biblical truths. 
  • Christian schools employ Christian teachers, counselors, and other staff members. These staff members become positive role models for students and help encourage them based on God’s love.
  • Another benefit of attending a Christian school is the high level of family involvement. Secular colleges are not always welcoming of parental involvement. When family members are encouraged to become a part of the education of their loved ones, positive outcomes abound. 
  • These schools offer an optimistic Christian environment with both in-school and extracurricular activities. A Christ-centered atmosphere ensures students do not feel pressured to take part in activities that would dishonor God. 
  • Because of their accreditation status, Christian schools put a tremendous focus on academics. The accrediting agency ensures the educational experience of all students. These schools are sometimes held to higher standards than secular schools. 

A Christian Education Is Not Limiting

Some people mistakenly believe pursuing a Christ-centered education will become limiting and even boring. Thankfully, these ideas are false. Those who attend a Christian school will have boundless opportunities for exploring educational experiences both inside and outside the classroom. 

Students have access to internships, studying abroad, and volunteer opportunities. Christian college students also have options for traveling locally and abroad for mission trips. 

Choosing the Right School Is Important

Once parents and students understand the importance of Christian education, they need to ensure they choose the right school. This is not a decision parents need to approach lightly. Research will help parents and students learn about their options. Considering the following will also assist parents in selecting. 

  • Check the mission statement. Reading the mission statement should offer clues into the belief system of the college. Do they base instruction on Christ? What is the mission of the school in response to Biblical teachings?
  • Are all students, staff, and members of the governance board required to be Christians? If not, what are the criteria used to hire staff? Learning this information is essential for parents. 
  • Does the college require any Christian courses? Do the courses use generic terms, such as religion, or do they use the word Bible? A college that uses the term religion may not be based on Christian teachings. 
  • How does the college handle chapel? Is the chapel experience beneficial or harmful? Does it feel forced or like a hindrance? To get answers to these questions, people should talk to students who attend the school. 

Discover More Information

When looking for a Christian school, parents should begin research at the beginning of their child’s senior year. Rushing the process is unwise because it could lead to poor decisions. By taking the time to research, parents will find the ideal Christian school for their children. 


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