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‘Ugliest phase of my life’: How Covid is leaving a permanent scar on mental health of elders

“My body was falling apart, it was very weak, the feeling of fatigue was intense. I did wonder at some points whether I would survive this,” said 73-year-old Prabir Chakravorty as he recalled his 25-day isolation period after testing positive for Covid on April...

New scam promises big Paytm cashback, here’s how to stay safe

The Covid-19 pandemic has played a big role in boosting digital payments with individuals avoiding physical interactions to stay safe. This has pushed people to learn online banking and go cashless. While this made it easier to pay bills sitting at home, online fraud...

Simple ways to manage COVID anxiety in the elderly

The pandemic has impacted our mental health in a huge way. In the case of the elderly in particular, studies have recorded a surge in mental health issues during this time. Therapist and counsellor Sarla Totla points out that the elders, who are primarily homebound...

Covid-19 fact check: Can steam inhalation or gargling release virus particles in the air?

A video recently surfaced on social media in which a doctor advises COVID patients against steam inhalation and gargling, claiming it leads to the transmission of the virus. “When patients with COVID do gargling or steam inhalation, they release virus particles in the air. These...

UK study finds long-term lung damage after COVID-19

Researchers in the UK have identified persistent damage to lungs in COVID-19 patients at least three months after they were discharged from hospital, and in some cases the duration is even longer. The study, conducted by Sheffield and Oxford researchers using a cutting-edge method of...

COVID-19: When should a person opt for oxygen support at home?

When it comes to treating a Covid-positive patient at home, there is a lot of confusion as to which course of action is the best, and how one can make a person feel comfortable at home, without having to worry about getting admitted in...

The latest coronavirus comes from dogs

Written by Emily Anthes Scientists have discovered a new canine coronavirus in a child who was hospitalized with pneumonia in Malaysia in 2018. If the virus is confirmed to be a human pathogen, it would be the eighth coronavirus, and the first canine coronavirus, known...

Oxygen concentrator for home-based care: Five things to verify before using

Patients with mild to moderate COVID-19 cases who require external oxygen support can use an oxygen concentrator. Medical experts suggest that the concentrator can be used if the oxygen saturation level is between 90-94, or those with oxygen levels even as low as 85,...

Expert explains: Why there is no need to repeat RT-PCR test after 14 days of quarantine

As people grapple with the second wave of the Covid infection, they are left with many questions that they often do not find satisfactory answers for. One of them has to do with Covid tests and the RT-PCR results, which then define the next...

Covid preparedness at home: Four basic things you need to know

In the second wave of the coronavirus infection, it is necessary to stay vigilant at all times. Since it is a transmissible infection, you are not only required to take care of yourself, but also your family members and neighbours by ensuring good hygiene...
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