Smart compose a time saving feature of Gmail accounts


Gmail is an international email service that is not useful only for business, but there are unlimited features those are useful for various purpose. As you know that English is an international language and when you want to talk on international level, then you can spread your views through English language. But there are more than half people of world those cannot learn more about it. While the use of Gmail PVA accounts in increasing in all over the world. If you are facing the problems of composing an email because poor information about English language, then you should use Gmail PVA accounts. Because it offers you to use smart compose through that you can write an email like an expert.

How to turn on the feature of smart compose?

If you want to write emails quickly and correct in sentence as well as spellings, then you should buy Gmail PVA accounts. Because Gmail offer the feature of smart compose through that you can compose an email fast as much as possible. Not only increase the speed of writing, but you can get the suggestions of writing emails in correct farms. However, this feature is not available when you will buy Gmail accounts, but you can make it enable on your all devices. When you will turn on then you will compose emails as soon as possible.

If you are using computer, then you can make it enable by following these steps.

  1. Open your Gmail account by visiting
  2. After login your Gmail accounts, press on the option of settings on top right side.
  3. See all settings and under “General” option there will be the option of smart compose.
  4. Now you can choose writing suggestions on or writing suggestions off. When you will turn it to on, then you can write your emails in smart compose feature.

It is important to note here that you will not find this option in all languages. So this option is available in English, French, Spanish, Portugal as well as Italian. However, Google is an international platform and it is expectation that soon it will be introduce in lot of other languages.

Get the feature of smart compose while using Android

These days, Android devices are very famous for using email services as well as all other social media platforms. There is no any email service or social app that is not available on Android. So there are more than 40% users of Gmail those are using their accounts on mobile devices. Here are some suggestions through those you can turn on this feature.

  1. Open your Gmail PVA account on your Android browser.
  2. Upper left side, there will be the option of three vertical lines those are known as settings.
  3. You’re your Gmail account.
  4. There will be the option of predictions off through that the feature of smart compose will be off. When you will turn on predictions, then smart compose will be turn on.

By following above steps, you will be able to get this feature and when you want to think turn off it then you can get it again. This feature is very famous in all over the world because through this you can increase your impression in good email composing.

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Above we have mentioned the method of turning on and off of smart compose. However, if you want to get this facility in your Gmail accounts, then buy Gmail PVA accounts from our website. Because we will provide you such account those have this feature. But in some cases if you want to not use this service, then we will provide you these types of accounts for your business use.

With the frequent use of social media apps, the competition in business is also increasing. Every one of us wants to touch the sky and for that purpose we want to show ourselves different from others in our behavior, attitude and most important in our business. So, here I am telling you people about the app Gmail which is providing a lot of benefits. Gmail has no security issues and it keeps our data secure. For growing your business, you people would be in need of a large number of Gmail accounts. So for that purpose you should buy bulk Gmail Accounts from us.


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