Should You Consider Buying Pre-Loved Items for Your Horse?

caribu horse rugs
Image Source: Pexels

Having a horse is expensive. We have to provide for all of its needs and care. At times, they require more attention and looking after. They need a big space to run around, they need to be fed, their hooves need to be checked and cleaned daily, their stalls need to be mucked out and their hay beddings replaced constantly. Caring for them is a big responsibility and costly since you need to purchase several items for their care, especially if you would be riding them.

Once you have start listing the items you need to buy, you’d start feeling overwhelmed and start running the numbers in your head. Fortunately, you could consider buying pre-loved items for your horse, although you have to be careful with your purchases.

There are items you must buy brand new

Before you start scouring for pre-loved items, you have to remember that there are items you must absolutely brand new for hygienic purposes. For example, caribu horse rugs must be bought brand new.

caribu horse rugs
Image Source: Pexels

There would be no guarantee that the rug is thoroughly cleaned and the possibility of your horse contracting an infection is likely. If and when you decided to buy pre-loved rug, you have to get it professionally cleaned and what you need to pay for that could be pricey. You might as well pay for a brand-new rug.

Don’t feel embarrassed to ask for discounts

One of the absolute good things about buying pre-loved is that you could still get the price to be more affordable by haggling. Of course, be a responsible haggler and ask for a reasonable price instead of trying to get the seller to slash the amount in half. They are trying to make money off a purchase they are not using anymore and the least you could do is help them since you would also benefit from the affordable purchase.

Don’t be brand conscious

This does not mean that you would buy cheap. What this means is that the brand of the item should not be the deciding factor for you to buy it, especially if it is still beyond your budget even if it is already pre-loved. If you or your horse would be using the item constantly, go for durability and choose the pre-loved item that is still not showing major wear and tear.

Think of the future

There are items that your horse might outgrow in a few months or years’ time. With these items, think about whether you could resell them or you have another younger horse that could use the items. When you start thinking like this, it would be easier for you to care for the items and to prolong their use since there might be a cashback in the future.

Don’t be turned off from caring for a horse because of the expenditure. Yes, they are pricier to care for than other domestic animals but you could come up with creative and innovative solutions to cut the cost of caring for one.


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