Samsung, other Android phone makers could adopt under-display cameras this year


The under-display camera has been one of the most talked-about design elements in the past couple of years for smartphones. While a few brands like ZTE have actually pulled off the disappearing front camera design on their flagship phones, the technology is still far from perfect in a commercially available device.

However, a new report states that this could change in 2021. Twitter tipster Ice Universe has suggested that Samsung could be soon bringing the under-display camera to a Folding-smartphone in the near future. Check out the tweet below.

The tweet further adds that a few other major brands will also be jumping on the under-display camera bandwagon this year. These include Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo. The tweet also suggests that ZTE will also be improving the under-display front camera that it launched with the ZTE Axon 20 last year.

Why are brands looking at under-display cameras?

The race to increase screen real estate and a more uniform and symmetric design has been going on between Android phones for years now. The days of the big fat notch are behind us and various implementations to make the screen more immersive have taken over.

This started with curved corners on screens and was followed by the biz bezels turning into smaller, semi-curved rectangular notches. This later evolved to a smaller waterdrop notch that included just the camera and sensors in a smaller black part on the screen.

It was when brands figured out how to engineer the speakers and other sensors on the top edge of the phone that phones moved to the punch-hole and pill-shaped camera setups that we know today.  While some brands like OnePlus also briefly took the pop-up front camera route, complications have led to these brands moving back to punch-hole cameras.

With the end goal being a completely bezel-less screen with no interruptions, the only way out left for brands was to bury the front camera below the screen, allowing it to show itself and function only when needed. This is what we call the under-display camera.

Apple expected to bring under-display cameras in 2022

With Android manufacturers adopting the new technology, Apple’s iPhones too are soon expected to implement under-display cameras. While the notch (in a smaller avatar) is expected to stick around for another year with the Apple iPhone 13 series, a Softpedia report suggests that the 2022 iPhone could get rid of the notch totally.

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