Pros and cons of vinyl plank flooring at flooring store

vinyl plank flooring in columbus

Nowadays, vinyl Plank flooring is a common flooring available at any flooring store. No doubt this is mainly due to its amazing characteristics. This is popular flooring both in commercial and residential places. Besides a lot of merits, this flooring is also disliked as everything has certain cons as well.

Keep in mind, before buying the resilient floors, don’t only look at the positive sides. Today, you can see this flooring even in places with hardwood floors in the last decade. This is mainly because of its true resemblance with wood. You can buy sheet vinyl at the flooring store with the least budget.

With vinyl plank flooring, you can get any look. Of course, your favorite, wood-like look, ceramics or stones or all in between. Due to advanced technology, today these floors are not like the ones you have in an old house. You can have tiles and planks as well. Of course, they all have good moisture resistance. With high waterproofing, these floors also come with high durability.

Vinyl plank flooring styles in the flooring styles

Undoubtedly, you can choose any style. Buy one that truly matches your taste and decor elements.  Moreover, these floors are ideal for working in busy areas.  So let’s begin with the pros and cons of sheet vinyl plank flooring. 

Merits of vinyl plank flooring

Of course, there are many positive points to buy sheet vinyl in the flooring store. However, some of them are given below.

Easy upkeep 

Vinyl floors are easy to clean. These floors do not need any tough cleaning methods. Mop the floor to sweep away the dirt. You don’t have to spend on cleaning products. Moreover, in case of tough stains, use damp clothes.


Sheet flooring is resistant to water. They have a strong wear layer. You can use vinyl plank flooring in moisture-prone areas, even in the bathrooms and kitchens. Moreover, they are also not bad for basements. Of course, they are highly versatile.

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Comfortable  underfoot

Vinyl floors provide warmth. These floors do not get cold in winters. As compared to wood and tiles, they are comfortable underfoot.


Vinyl is widely viewed as a highly durable material that can last for ten to twenty years when properly installed and maintained.  These floors have urethane that makes them more resistant to scratch damage.

Stain resistance

Sheets have beautiful prints and a great wear layer. They serve as protection against spills and stains. Moreover, vinyl is so easy to clean. No stains will get developed for a long time. Furthermore, only occasional cleaning is enough to maintain the look.

Easy to install 

Vinyl sheets and planks follow an easy installation method. However, a dry subfloor is always required. Keep in mind it is purely a DIY project. 

Why you should not buy sheet vinyl in the flooring store( risks and demerits )

While the vinyl sheet is durable and waterproof but there are still many associated risks. This material is not safe up to a great extent.  It has a Poor effect on the environment. So given below are some of the main reasons to avoid this in a flooring store in Columbus

Ecological waste problem

Resilient floors do not degrade with time. They do not get out of the environment.  Vinyl is recycled but not up to a great extent. So, they have a  negative impact on biodiversity. It only ends up in filling the landfills. However, it is also a non-renewable product. So, for environmental protection, don’t opt this. 

Vulnerable to stains 

High-quality vinyl is resistant to spills and stains. But in the case of sheets, the floor develops stains when it comes in contact with rubber. Rubber effect the wear layers and can affect the gloss.  Moreover, they also cause a severe reaction that is not acceptable.

Not easy to repair 

Sheet floors are highly durable, but this is not true for low quality.  Low-quality floors are prone to get damaged. In fact, they cannot handle busy places.  Unfortunately, these floors are not easy to repair. In case of any damage, you have to replace the whole floor.  So, this is not a good option.

Susceptible to get fade with time 

Vinyl sheets develop yellow color with time. They are not a good choice to place in the direct sunlight. Moreover, yellowing is more on low-quality floors. So, in the flooring store, ask the salesperson for the best floors. At least the ones that will not get yellow. Of course, yellow floors look too bad. 


Lastly, before visiting the flooring store, get some knowledge from the internet. No question at all, for any home reno, vinyl sheet is the best option, but still, most people get overwhelmed. However, as compared to laminates, it is one of the superb flooring choices.  This is a long-lasting, durable and home-friendly choice.


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