Proper guide to setup and reset netgear ac750 extender

netgear ac750 extender

Netgear extender allows your router to boost and increase the signal range in your house/office. If you are living in a big house and frustrated by weak signals. Or a wall has been built between your room to the router. So in this condition you can use a linksys extender in order to extend the network. At first when I ordered a netgear ac750 extender, I thought this small device could work perfectly, But trust me after using and completing the netgear ac750 setup. my all doubts cleared.

Netgear ac750 extender will connect with your router and start to boost signals. Many advanced features you will get in this extender. Like ethernet ports for high speed internet connection, WPS button, WPA and WPA2 security. If you love to play online games and want to start your new youtube channel can use this extender, You will not get any kind of problems while using this. The setup process is so friendly beginners can also easily set up this device. But it may confuse you so here are some simple steps.

Netgear ac750 setup

If you got your new extender and are wondering about the setup process. Don’t worry we are here to help you. The setup process can be easily done in 2 ways. By using the WPS button or by accessing the login page.

Using WPS

The WPS method is too easy and secured, Just need to open your extender box and connect its power adapter in the electric outlet and switch it “ON”. Wait for some seconds until LED indicators stabilize. Keep in mind that your extender is on the range or your main WI-Fi router. Then a WPS button is available on the back side of your router just press on it. Come to the extender and do the same press the WPS button of extender too for 2 seconds and release it.

NOTE – Keep in mind that you have to press the WPS button within 2 minutes.

After then it will automatically configure with your main Wi-Fi router and be ready to use. Now place your extender where you want and enjoy a high speed connection or wide range.

By using a online web browser –

It is so simple and a common process just need to take any device mobile/pc/laptop. Connect your device with netgear ac750 extender wifi network. After connecting on the same device, open a web browser. In the URL box type the IP Address and search it, You will redirect on the web login page, Here need to submit your login password. Leave the username box blank and in password type “ADMIN” and proceed to login. You will land on the main portal and hit the new extender setup. Here you need to submit your requirements then press to save. Now simply click on wifi range extender

Select which network you want to extend. Put your network name and password. Then click on continue. Now your extender is ready to use.

Netgear ac750 extender reset

You can easily reset your netgear ac750 easily just take a sharp pen or compass. On the back side a reset button is available just keep pressing until the LED indicators start flashing, after then your netgear ac750 extender will automatically enter on reset mode. After resetting your router power off from the main switch and again power on. Now you need to again reconfigure and save the setting, After resetting you will lose all your saved settings.

Reviews –

The netgear ac750 extender is very small in size and you can easily take it along with you even on travelling. It will come with dual antennas in order to increase the range.It will also work as an access point. The design is very attractive, The setup process is too easy and friendly. The price is so affordable anyone can buy this amazing device and can enjoy a wide range of networks. It is the best for your house/office, Compatible to work with all types of routers. Firmware update is also too easy available on setup link. Overall we can say that this device is one of the best inventions of netgear. Go for it.

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