Oneplus Bullet Wireless vs Mivi Collar

Oneplus Bullet Wireless vs Mivi Collar ​

Oneplus Bullet Wireless vs Mivi Collar

If the budget goes on high like 5000 that time, not all people prefer wired earphones some people prefer wireless earphones. And some people like wireless earbuds. If you don’t want to spend 5000 on earbuds it’s ok, no one wants to invest  too much money at first.

So we suggest you first go with a small amount then make your mind that you want to invest more or not. But it doesn’t mean that if you don’t spend a good amount you won’t get a good pair of earbuds, you can check this list  Best Earbuds under 3000 from

People say that it’s very hard to find the best earbuds or earphones at a cheap price. That’s not true, it’s all about how you are searching and where you are searching. It’s like You can’t open the lock if you don’t have the right key. 

If you are searching about any product you have to search on product related sites. Because they have authority and knowledge about that product.

People always make mistakes. They search in google which result appears first. They click on that result and start reading and don’t find what they are looking for, because that website doesn’t have authority.

Example: You are looking for earphones and you search in google and top 10 results appear you click on the 1st link and you check their website and you find they write so many articles about so many different products like watches, refrigerator, vr headset etc.. 

On the 2nd or 3rd link you find one website which covers only earphones or headphones related products on their site like earphonesmarket that is called authority site.

In this article we compare two old but popular wireless earphones, Oneplus Bullet Wireless vs  Mivi Collar.


  • 8 hours of battery backup.​
  • 10 meters Bluetooth range.​
  • Only available in black color.​
  • Supports fast charging.​
  • 22 grams of weight.​
  • 32 ohms of impedance.​
  • 20 to 20 KHz frequency response.​

Sound & Bass Quality

This headphone works with both iOS and Android. Sound quality is good but not the best in this price range.

When you use this with oneplus 6 it gives you really great output than other phones because oneplus 6  has aptx technology.

I expected the sound quality to be better because its a oneplus product. Bass is good but not overpowering like boom boom so if you are the hardcore bass lover you may not like this. 

Mids and lows are very nice and clear and even the highs perform well but the bass is just good.

If you phone sports aptx technology then this is a great headphone but still, at this price range, it’s the best wireless earphone under 5000.

Build Quality

Back of the earphones is magnetic and when you pair it while listening will pause the music.

Oneplus bullet Wireless has an inline remote with three buttons which can be used for volume control and play/pause. 

Build quality is really good and they look really awesome.

Other Features

Packing is very premium like we see with Oneplus smartphones. In the box, you get two pairs of extra ear tips, two extra pairs of ear wings, a hard carrying case,  USB type C charging cable, user manual, and earphones itself.

Oneplus bullet Wireless is really very lightweight which makes it more comfortable than other ones.

Battery life is really great. You will get 8 to 9 hours of battery life with full charge. After 10 minutes of charging you will get approximately 5 hours of battery life and within 15 to 20 minutes, it gets fully charged.


  • Great headphone for aptx technology.
  • Sound clarity is really nice
  • Amazing build quality
  • Great for oneplus 6 users
  • Back of earphone made of magnet


  • Bass is just good


  • 1-year warranty
  • 30 grams weight
  • 150 mAh battery capacity
  • Carrying case
  • 26 dB of noise reduction
  • 20Hz - 20,000Hz of the Frequency range
  • Inline remote with mic
  • 16 Ohms of impedance
  • 10 Hours of battery life
  • 30 feet of Bluetooth range
  • 104db of sensitivity
  • 4.1 Bluetooth version

Sound & Bass Quality

If we talk about the sound quality it’s amazing, you can easily feel mid and high also the vocals are very crisp and clear.

Bass is also very good, if you are a bass lover this earphone does not disappoint you.

Build Quality

Build quality of this earphone is very premium and made from plastic and metal with an amazing color combination which looks very beautiful.

Collar made from high-quality rubber and the wire quality is ok, not bad.

Other Features

The downside of these earphones is that on the branding you get a pinhole microphone and on the right side you get an on-off button next to the USB charging port.

Earthcare is magnetic and earpieces are metallic, that’s why the earpiece easily fits in the ear case and on the left side you get a volume up-down button.

It’s come with 4.1 Bluetooth version and it’s easily connected with mobile phones and other device and when you connect your phone to this earphone via Bluetooth you see the battery level of your earphone in the top of the mobile screen also you can connect with two devices at the same time, range of the Bluetooth is approx 33 feet.

It takes 2.5 hours to fully charge and red LED light is blinking during charging and if you see blue light starts blinking that means the earphone is fully charged.

If we compare with the best wireless earphones under 5000 I gave him the 3rd position. But if we compare with the best earphones under 5000 2018 I gave him 5th position.


  • Build quality is awesome
  • crisp clear sound
  • Deep bass
  • Two extra pairs of earbuds
  • 10 Hours of battery backup
  • Inline remote and mic
  • Two devices connect at the same time


  • Wire adjustable plugs are small and you can easily lose them.


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