‘Nutritious meal does not have to be fancy or expensive’: Bhagyashree


There has been a renewed focus on eating healthy amid the pandemic. However, many people feel that healthy is expensive or beyond limited means. Stressing that homemade meals are excellent ways to gain back one’s health during or post-Covid, actor and fitness aficionado Bhagyashree took to Instagram and shared a few simple tips.

“Eating a nutritious meal does not mean it has to be fancy or expensive. Home-cooked meals can be equally healthy if chosen correctly. Leafy greens, millets, good fat and seasonal fruits such as mangoes will replenish the depletion of energy reserves,” she mentioned.

The 52-year-old mentioned how a simple meal of moong dal khichdi with ghee can “help combat the fatigue one feels during and post-covid”.

“Though it might be difficult with the loss of taste and smell, make sure you don’t give up on food. Real food can do a lot for your health. Eat well,” she added.

Here’s why nutrition is key to a good recovery.

“A good diet promotes faster recovery. We now know that covid is an inflammatory condition that can have lasting effects for up to six-eight months after discharge affecting different organs, especially the liver and lungs,” mentioned nutritionist and dietician Shwetha Bhatia.

“While each person has his or her needs according to their body type – a khichdi fits all (you can do a millet one too for people who can’t do rice). Pair with some protein – add enough veggies and there is a complete meal,” chef Saransh Goila wrote on Instagram.

Besides, calorie-dense foods like rice, potatoes, cereal and whole grains need to be added to the diet to restore energy in the body, which otherwise gets depleted, mentioned Dr Priyanka Rohatgi, chief nutritionist/dietician at Apollo Hospitals.

One should make sure that the meals are hot and hygienic. While the portions can be small, they should have adequate protein intake.

Patients are also advised to drink lots of fluids throughout the day.

“In case of stomach upset, simple and easy to digest veg khichdi, dal rice, sambhar rice, curd rice, and soup and toast are good options. Junk foods with empty calories and saturated fats, fried food and drinks that are sugary need to be completely avoided,” Dr Rohatgi added.

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