Nut butter vs jam: Which is better for your child?



Bread-jam is one of the first things that comes to many minds when asked about a convenient breakfast option. But nowadays, many other bread spreads and nut butters have become popular, even replacing jams to an extent. But, which spread you use – and how much – can have a dramatic impact on how much nutrition – protein, calories and sugar- you get out of your breakfast. So, how does one determine that?

Nutritionist Shivika Gandhi recently shared about which is a better option for your child.

“Parents have a habit of giving their child jam with bread/chapati or biscuits. Children who consume jam regularly are more at risk of becoming obese and developing heart disease when they grow up. This can happen because jams are rich in calories with a negligible amount of nutrients,” she said.

Here’s what she said.

So are nut butters better?

“Nut butters are better alternatives as they have a better nutrient value (protein, good fats, vitamins and minerals),” she mentioned.

However, according to Gandhi, it is better to avoid nut butter brands that contain hydrogenated oils, palm oils, added sugars like high-fructose corn syrup, and fillers. “Also, look for options with lesser salt content,” she mentioned.

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