Linksys Range Extender Is Superior For HD streaming and gaming?

linksys range extender

The linksys is dual band wireless wifi range extender. It boosts the wifi signal in the long-distance area. Generally, the linksys range extender is used to boost the Wi-Fi signal from your existing router, increasing the strength and coverage of your home wifi. This extender extender eliminates wifi dead zone in the corner of the home. The linksys range extender also has more network coverage which expands coverage for optimal HD streaming, gaming, and more. With spot finder technology, you can also use your smartphone, laptop, or tablet to make sure you’ve chosen the best location for the range extender. The size of the linksys extender is compact and directly plugged into the electric outlet.

The linksys extender is easy to setup with a push button connect. Works with all Wi-Fi routers or ISP supplied gateways. This extender also expands Wi-Fi coverage up to 7,500 square feet. The linksys wifi Range Extender is compatible with all Wi-Fi routers, including those from service providers.

Streaming and gaming with linksys range extender wifi connectivity

The linksys range extender provides stable wifi network connectivity with all the networking devices. You can HD streaming and gaming with the range extender wifi network connectivity, for this some points are also there. Which are as follows.

Use dual band frequency

The linksys extender has dual band frequency, this means it supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. If you can stream HD videos and play the gaming console without any buffering, you set the 5 GHZ frequency band. The 5 GHz band is a higher frequency band, in this band provides ultra-fast wifi speed. Go to the extender’s setting and tab “wireless setting”. Change the frequency band from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. In this frequency you can stream anything and play any games without any loading.

Set the place of linksys range extender

If you want to get the ultra-fast wifi network connectivity with the linksys wifi extender, you also need to set the place of the extender. The extender’s place should be like this by which range comes is proper in every corner of the home. Range extenders should not be placed in the hot area. You also need to place the linksys extender in the ventilates, cool and airy area. The extender place is also in the centre of the home.

Proper configure the linksys range extender

The linksys wifi extender is wireless and boosts the wifi signal in the dead zone area. If you can do streaming and gaming, then you need to properly configure the extender. To configure the wifi extender, firstly you need to login the extender. You can use in the browser URL bar. In a while a login page is displayed, you type the default username and password, then click “login”. Now, click setup wizard, and follow on screen instruction. You can set the frequency band and change wireless password. After this change, click “apply setting”, then configure the linksys extender is finished.

Utilize MU-MIMO technology

The linksys extender also provides the internet connectivity through the wifi network. You can easily connect the existing router to the linksys extender. The linksys range extender has MU-MIMO technology. The mu-mimo technology is that multi input multi output. At a time, it also handles more networking devices. And provides a stable, better and reliable wifi signal to all the devices. At a time it also connects up to 20 devices and provides steady connection, by which you can stream HD videos and play gaming.

Reset the linksys range extender

The linksys wifi extender is a suitable device for streaming and gaming. But sometimes this extender is not working. This means it gives slow wifi connectivity, by which you cannot stream and gaming. So for this the solution is linksys extender reset. Reset the linksys extender is simple, you can use the reset button. To reset the extender, you also need to locate the reset button. The reset button is on the right side of the extender. Press the reset button for a few seconds, you can use the paper clip to press the button. In a while you hear a beep then release the button. The power LED indicates orange light this means the reset of the extender also successfully complete.

These are all the points for streaming and gaming with the linksys wifi range extender wifi network connectivity.

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