Launching an Online Ghostwriting Career with an Online Degree

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Statistics show that 81 percent of the population wants to write a book. However, most people will not realize their aspirations due to varied reasons, including lack of time and writing prowess. And do you know what that means for those who have the talent and knack for writing? They can take advantage of the situation and start an online ghostwriting career.

The suggestion might have put you off-kilter. After all, as a writer, you want credit for your work. However, there are just too many opportunities for ghostwriters to pass up. There are various benefits to be gained, such as excellent pay, regular work, and flexibility in writing style and working conditions. With the continuous advancement of the Internet, more opportunities are offered to those searching for online ghostwriting jobs and who want to work without leaving home. The key is in knowing where to look

Here are tips to get lucrative online ghostwriting projects:

  • Establish connections. Clients want to be sure they are investing money in a credible ghostwriter to write a book for them. You would do well to make your network broader and include contacts that can recommend your services to many people, and make your name a byword in the ghostwriting industry. Maintain web visibility and be active in the networking community to connect with clients and other writers, editors, and bigwigs in the publishing industry.
  • Market a specialized niche. Focus on conquering a client base that fits your specialization. If you have a background in psychology, offer your services as a ghostwriter for clients who want to publish a life-coaching book. Any field of expertise to develop your niche, whether in economics, parenting, gardening, or health care, can be used to make a name for yourself.
  • Tap your current connections. If you are already writing for years, then you have already established relationships. Please take advantage of your contacts and existing clients to penetrate deeper into their circle, get referrals, and meet potential clients. Get a cue from fellow ghostwriters and learn from their ways.
  • Explore websites and freelance sites. These are excellent sources of ghostwriting gigs. Join forums, sign up as a member, and submit samples of your work. Many clients scour online sites, such as UpWork, Craigslist, and Guru, searching for ghostwriting services and resources. These and other websites offer several opportunities to get your career launched. It also helps to have your own website or blog to showcase your writing style. Make sure to include complete details on how clients can contact you.
  • Become a member of a writer’s guild. Even if you are a freelancer ghostwriter, it benefits you if you affiliate yourself with a credible agency or writer’s federation. Being a member provides you with tremendous connections that can give you links to potential clients. Although they may take a minimal commission, it is only fair considering the many opportunities and benefits offered at your lap. You are most likely to abide by the rules and regulations, but it ensures you produce quality content befitting the standards and reputation of the organization.
  • Branch out beyond your comfort zone. Ghostwriting books is considered one of the most profitable projects a writer can have. However, do not be limited to this alone because other writing gigs are also financially rewarding. Online ghostwriting may include blogging, speech writing, web content writing, and even office communications. Consider venturing into non-book writing projects such as project proposals, newsletters, or thesis to expand your market.

If you can establish a stable base of clients, you can be sure to have a regular writing job to rely on. Whether you can find full-time or part-time employment in online ghostwriting, you can enjoy a steady income. The bottom line is that numerous opportunities are waiting out there. All you need to do is look out where your niche belongs.

Do You Need a Degree to be a Ghostwriter?

The short answer to that question is no. Writing is an art form that you do not necessarily learn in school. People who love writing go to school to hone their writing skills and not learn how to write. They already have a flair for writing; they merely go to school to develop what is innate in them. However, the choice to go to school is yours alone to make.

Anyway, as you write continuously, you will develop and hone the craft yourself. You will be surprised to see how much your writing style will evolve through the continuous use of that gift. Besides, many clients do not care much if you have a degree or none.

Nevertheless, if you want to cover your bases, you can buy a degree from a reputable source. In that way, if a potential client asks for your credentials, you will have them handy. If you are wondering if it is legal to buy a degree, the answer is yes. More and more people are buying degrees online because it is the fastest way of obtaining a degree.

What is more, the idea that you can buy a degree from a regionally accredited college makes it even more appealing. After all, accredited colleges are the gold standard of education. So, having a degree from an accredited college means you have received education from one of the best schools there is.

As mentioned previously, you can buy a degree from one of several legitimate online providers. These providers are affiliated with world-renowned universities, so in essence, you will be getting a degree from one of these universities. You can discover more about these online providers and what they offer.

Now that you know what your options are regarding educational credentials, it is time to find out how you can start ghostwriting like a pro.

Taking in Ghostwriting Tips like a Pro

If you are a truly gifted writer, the idea of writing for someone else and not being able to enjoy the accomplishment because your name is not on the byline might be a bitter pill to swallow. However, if you want to succeed as a ghostwriter while you try to establish yourself as a writer, here are some tips to keep in mind.

Douse Your Ego Cold

A writer, ghostwriter or not, almost always turns out good writing. It is in his psyche, given credit or not, with ghostwriting only a way of paying bills. You have to have an intact ego to let go of your written works for a fee, accredited to another person, and, perhaps, accolades for an excellent piece. Just remember why you are ghostwriting, so say goodbye to a byline or credit. In the meantime, earn as well as you can and hone your skills in the process.

Check and Recheck Your Facts

If you are writing the client’s story for a book with an attached historical event, do your research well. Memories can flag over the years, and your client may have inadvertently confused some facts and issues of those days. Quality research for any subject gives you credibility as a writer.

Hand That Payment

There are many lessons learned from ghostwriting tips by those ahead of you in the ghostwriting game. On a scale of 1-10, eight or nine may have been scammed once or twice. You get paid the first few months, and then the client starts defaulting. Others ask you to write on a topic with barely any clear instructions and tell you after submission that the article did not qualify according to some standards that were not spelled out in the first place. One way to get back is to have that rejected article published to beat the scammer whose intent is to sell and profit from said article.

Structure that payment like a deposit to start work, another payment for partial output, say the first two book chapters for submission, and so on. If payment is withheld, do not write until you get paid or say goodbye if circumstances and gut feelings warn you of the integrity of the client.

Iron-clad Contracts

Do not leave things to chance. Discuss and sit down to spell out what is expected of you regarding contents and delivery schedules, down payment upon signing, subsequent payment schedules, limits of revisions, drafting, editing, and the likes. Good contracts and delivered performance make way for good work relationships and repeat clients and referrals.

Here is more – never sign a non-compete contract, say the subject of the client’s book, or any other topic for that matter. No client is worth the money for throwing away your right to write anytime on any subject. Walk away with your integrity and writing skills intact.

Stitch Your Lips

Remember, what you are writing is not yours. So, do not talk about your topic, whom you are writing for, and anything that would clue people in about a ghostwriting project. Open your lips to your own work that will carry your byline or authorship. If you have good or excellent writing concepts, keep them to yourself and devote extra time to them.

One foolproof ghostwriting tip is dissociating from your clients on social media to avoid any misconceptions. Better yet, use a pen name when ghostwriting, as you do not have any control over the material once it leaves your hands. Guard your own name as you are building your reputation to serve you when the time comes to be on your own.


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