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KBC Completed two-decade:

KBC – The popular Kaun Banega Crorepati game show completed its two-decade means 20 years. Since this reality game show was started in 2000 to the people of India. This show benefiting people from the first season till now by giving them a perfect amount of price. In season 1 this game show allowed the customers to win up to 1 crore rupees and this was the big offer at that time.

From the 1st season, the number of lovers of this reality game show increases regularly, and the trend of people is increasing rapidly towards this game. KBC Management has been very good with contestants in these twenty years. There is no fraud here by management, every single winner has got their prize. Here is the All India WhatsApp Imo Lucky Draw list. Contestants have been very excited for these twenty years and they have a lot to learn.

After the popularity and success of this reality game show, many more TV channels started the game shows such as Big Boss, MTV Roadies, and many more where they offer an enormous price to their customers. 

Contestants as a hero:

Probably you know that every single show invites some heroes or actors in order to get more ranking and become popular. But the only show that you might notice is KBC. Amitabh does not invite any actor because he takes the contestant as a hero.

Kaun Banega Crorepati game show is a brilliant show which loves and respects the customers and they create a good relation with their customers that’s why KBC is a serious game show. They only focus on their customer’s future and want to help them.

Show become online:

Previous only registration process of the Kaun Banega Crorepati game show was online but now due to the Covid pandemic completely game become online. Now you will be online through smartphones from your home, from registration to the final stage of this game. Entirely features like All India WhatsApp Imo Lucky Draw of KBC game become online and you are able to Check KBC Lottery Online.

Recently Amitabh Bachchan make a video about the online procedure of this game and show the whole process in the video that how to register? How to give a quiz? In this video, he also talked about the Hot seat that how do you get it?

Here is the fresh news about the new season of the KBC game show. Sony channel which is the entertainment TV channel declared that the registration process for the new season will be held from 9 May to 22 May. This online process is like this, every night Amitabh will appear on the Sony channel and challenge fresh questions. You need to answer those questions through Sony Live or through SMS.

Correct The Answer And Win Amount:

KBC realizes that knowledge brings a positive impact on your life and your hard work is never wasted. This is the reason when, when you work hard then do not worry, your result will definitely be good and you will get the reward of your hard work that is why you should be ready for all kinds of questions.

One of KBC’s attempts is to make education common in the country and this effort adds to its beauty even more. Because this show wants to promote education that’s why it is based on quiz. The quiz is all about questions and this question is MCQs type. Every single question has four choice you just need to choose the correct one. Correct the answers and win the reward that’s the simple rule of the KBC game show. It does not involve any kind of recommendation or bribery and that’s what makes the customers happy. No one can stop you from getting a reward if you pass a quiz that’s the reason you need to work hard for the quiz.

Not only for reward but KBC show increase your knowledge, as mention above that this show is quiz based and all the question in the quiz is about history, current affairs, general knowledge and more. So when you watch this show it means you are in search of knowledge.

You can play KBC every month:

With the help of All India WhatsApp Imo Lucky Draw and Sim card features you are able to play this reality game show every month and there is also a happy thing that in these features you can participate even without registration because your sim is registered by the government.


It totally depends on you that you want to win the huge price or not and also you want to increase your general knowledge or not, if yes then apply to KBC and Check KBC Lottery Online from home through smartphones.

Shortly you can also apply these features of KBC All India WhatsApp Imo Lucky draw.


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