IPL 2021: How to quickly get live cricket match scores and other updates via Alexa



IPL 2021 has already started, and people are watching the cricket matches from home as fans are barred from entering the stadiums. But, what if you are not able to watch the matches at home, and still want to keep a track of live cricket match scores? You can use Alexa to get all the IPL 2021 updates. You can talk to Alexa in both English or Hindi to get the score.

Amazon has added new skills to its digital assistant to offer IPL lovers a better experience. You can interact with any Amazon Echo, Fire TV, Alexa-enabled smart devices to get cricket match updates. The Alexa app on your smartphone can also be used to get live scores.

Alexa users can enable Daily Cricket Trivia skill, which is a daily quiz for cricket fans. The rules are simple – each day, you will get asked three new questions on cricket with three options. For each correct answer, you score 6 runs. Every wrong answer is a delivery wasted, giving others a chance to go higher up the leader board.

You can activate this skill by just asking “Alexa, Open Daily Cricket Trivia” or “Alexa, daily cricket trivia shuru karo.”

You can also ask Alexa about who will win the match or get match updates by asking “Alexa, give me the latest cricket commentary” or “Alexa, who won the last cricket match.” To get into more details, you can also try asking questions like “Alexa, what is the score?” or Alexa, “who was the man of the match yesterday?” or “what is Rohit Sharma’s score?” or “what teams are playing tomorrow?” or “how many wickets did Jasprit Bumrah take?”

With the help of Alexa, you can get updates on team movements, practice fields, news in and around the stadium, the effect of the pandemic on the game and much more. For these type of information, all you need to do is ask, “Alexa, give me cricket news.” Amazon says “Alexa gives you the latest cricket news updates powered by Editorji.”

You can also set reminders for IPL 2021 cricket matches. You just need to ask “Alexa, notify me when the Royal Challengers Bangalore match starts” and the virtual assistant will notify you on time. If you want someone to cheer for your favourite IPL team, then you can ask Alexa to join the celebration by just saying, “Alexa, cheer for RCB” or “Alexa, cheer for Virat Kohli.”


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