How to change your inbox layout in Gmail

layout in Gmail

When you will buy Gmail PVA accounts, then you can use your Gmail accounts in different formats. Gmail will offer you some important and useful formats and now it depends on you that which is best for you. For example, if you have a Gmail accounts and there are multiple emails in your inbox. Then you can separate `these emails in different forms. You can put these emails in a long list or separate these emails in different labels and folders. It will more effective for you to organize these emails in read and unread emails. So there are some other useful and effective ways for these types of matters. However, here we will discuss that how we can customize Gmail interface to make it best and useful looking.

The process of changing Gmail layout

  1. Open your Gmail account and press on icon option of top right corner.
  2. There will be appearing another option of “Quick settings”. So when you will press on it then you will be able to adjust some important settings. You can adjust density display according to your own wish through that your email messages will be appear in different shapes. Here you can choose your inbox shape.
  3. If you want to see more options then click on the option of “see all settings”.
  4. There will be appear some options and click on inbox tab. When you will click on it, then your next option will be inbox type.

It is easy to reach this place and now it is time to set your inbox as you wish. If you will get any other email service, then there will be the lack of these advantages. However, now we are moving to our article. When you will press on inbox type, then you will find some other categories, which we are discussing below.

  1. When you will choose default option, then all your emails will be converting in vertical tabs.
  2. There will be other options like “Important first” “Unread first” as well as “Starred first”. When you will choose anyone of these then your inbox will be divided into two horizontal sections.
  3. There is primary inbox as well as multiple inboxes sections and both these sections make unique sections for emails. And if you want to see these sections, then you should only scroll down. So you can choose anyone of these giving sections.

How to configure priority inbox?

As we discuss above that Gmail is Gmail. Because there is no competitor of Gmail than can provide such facilities to clients like Gmail gives. And due to these facilities, it is the best to buy Gmail PVA accounts.  When you will select priority inbox under inbox sections then you can choose categories. And choose that how much emails could be included in a single section. Now we will discuss that how you can configure priority inbox?

  1. Select settings menu in your Gmail account and then select the option of create new labels that will be bottom of menu.
  2. There will be pop-up window, so here you will need to compose name and then press on create.
  3. Return back and choose inbox and then click on options for next inbox section.
  4. In the below there will be another option of more options and here you should click on labels.
  5. At the end press on the option of saves changes. When you will click on it, then all the changes that you have make will be added in your account.

Through above simple steps, you will be able to use your Gmail PVA accounts as you want. So it will be easy for you and many other users to get better advantages from Gmail PVA accounts.

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