How to change password of Gmail account?

password of Gmail

If you are using Gmail accounts from several years, then it is important to change its password due to security reasons. Because sometimes you do not give much attention and someone is using your Gmail account. You should change your password of Gmail accounts whenever, you have forget your password. However, you should not depend on your old Gmail password and change it very soon.

Process of changing password of Gmail accounts

You can change your password through following some easy steps. And by following these steps, you can easily change password of your Gmail account.

  1. Firstly, open your Google accounts on your device that is under your use.
  2. Open the settings menu and then choose security option.
  3. It is important to enter your password and then there will be the option of change password. So, you should select on that option.
  4. After choosing this option, it is important to select a password that is difficult for anyone to hack it. After entering your password, select save changes.

It should keep in mind that in some devices your password will not be change soon. But you will need to wait for 24 hours and after that time, you new password will be save in your account. It mostly happens in android 5.1 and it’s above devices.

Reset the password of Gmail account                            

If you have forgotten your Gmail account, then it is important to reset it. Because Gmail account is known a best account for communication as well as a secure place for stores your important data. So, if you have lost or forget your password, then you can recover or reset it through following steps.

If you want to reset your password, then you will be asked some questions. However, questions will be related to your account as well as your data that you have entered in your Gmail account for creating it. Along with questions, you will be sent an email on your account and if you will not receive an email then you should check some following steps.

  • If you have not seen email in your inbox, then check spam and bulk mail folder.
  • If you are facing these issues, then you should add no [email protected] in your account address book.
  • Check mails in all your account folders and then you will be find an email that will be sent to your account due to resetting password.

It should keep in mind that for resetting your password, you will need to enter your new password. But be careful to choose password, because don’t choose a password that you are using for any other app or don’t use any old password.

What will be happen when you will reset your password?

When you will make some changes in your Gmail account, then you will get some extra from your Gmail account. However, it will be very useful for your account to change or reset its old password to new one. And by doing these activities, you will be able to get following changes in your Gmail account.

  1. When you will reset or change your password, then you will be verified while sign in on any device.
  2. You can use any other device for using your Gmail accounts and there will be an extra advantage that you can sign out your Gmail account from any other device.
  3. You can give the permission to your devices for using other apps.

There are many benefits those you can gain by changing password .And also can get good services and benefits of when you buy Gmail pva Accounts. And the main benefit of this activity is that you will make secure your account.


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