How replacing your mattress can improve your health

Mattress Shopping Tips

Did you know that your mattress needs to be replaced more often than the bed itself? Many people think that as long as the bed is holding up, they don’t need to worry about a new mattress. After all, it is covered with a sheet (and if you’re smart a mattress cover). If it is still most comfortable, why replace it?

There are actually several reasons that you should replace your mattress on a regular basis. How often you will need to replace your mattress depends on the type and quality of the mattress, as well as how often that mattress is used. Most mattresses recommend replacement about every 8 to 10 years for sanitary and comfort reasons. 

However, cheaper mattresses might need to be replaced more often, and luxury mattresses can last up to 12 years. Some cheap foam mattresses must be replaced after just one year, especially when placed on a child’s bed that is going to take heavy abuse. On the other hand, a protected quality mattress in a little-used guest room could last longer. 

If you aren’t sleeping as well as you used to, your mattress could be the culprit. Here are a few of the ways that getting a new mattress can improve your health. Once you decide that you need a new mattress, head over to look at bed mattress for sale on 1StopBedrooms.

A new mattress can improve your indoor allergies.

Even though all mattresses could harbor allergens, some are more prone to trapping allergens than others. Likewise, certain types of mattresses can be less prone to attracting allergens, particularly latex and some memory foam or hybrid mattresses. 

Even if you have not been diagnosed with indoor allergies, these allergens can still pose a problem when your body is exposed to them through contact with your mattress. Sometimes a new morning cough is the result of an old mattress. If you do have indoor allergies, your older mattress is probably making your symptoms worse without you ever realizing it.

Replacing your old spring or inner coil mattress decreases the risk of injury.

Unfortunately, most people with an old spring or inner coil mattress don’t realize that the springs or coils are breaking down until one starts poking through the fabric exterior of the mattress. Don’t wait for your bed to injure you while you sleep. If the bed doesn’t have as much bounce or support as it once did, it’s time to replace it.

Newer inner coil mattresses do pose less of a risk, but should still be replaced as the manufacturer directs.

A new mattress will improve your spinal alignment.

You might be surprised at the sizeable impact of poor musculoskeletal alignment on your overall health. When your spine is out of place, it can put pressure on your ribs and chest, making it difficult to catch a breath or breathe deeply. It can also push your hips forward, causing issues with voiding the bladder completely. Even if you do not have those issues, the chronic pain from your spine being constantly out of alignment can make it difficult to function or think clearly on a daily basis.

Coil spring mattresses are not the only culprit. Even the best memory foam mattress breaks down eventually. By replacing your mattress you can save your back (and your wallet from chiropractors). 


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