What is MOT ? How long does an MOT take ?

How long does an MOT take

Well, the article is all about the MOT test. There are many queries regarding MOT. One of the most heard queries is how long does a mot take? Before answering this question, let’s begin with what is this MOT thing? Well, the answer is quite simple MOT stands for Ministry of Transport. It is a test by the government which needs to be given by everyone who likes to change their cars. It is a test given by the vehicles. The four-wheelers that are more than three years old are eligible for this test. Moreover, the reason for this examination is to know how much a car has run. In this article, you will come to know the answer for how long does an MOT take?

Some Of The Key Points Of MOT Test

Well, this MOT test is not mandatory in each country. Some big countries have made this test compulsory. It includes countries like UK, Northern Ireland, and many others. Talking about MOT, this test is taking place in countries of Europe. The government of Europe has made this test mandatory for all whose cars are more than three years old. However, there are some of the points of the MOT test that are as follows:-

· Must be take after completion of a single year, helps check road safety and environment friendly.

· These examinations are taken somewhere outside the city as helps in testing how much driver is aware of driving skills.

· This also comprises tons of checking things like checking lights, mirrors, brakes, steering, and many more.

Duration of MOT test

Well, another question which comes to our mind is that how long does an MOT take? According to data, this test does not take so much time. The average time for this test is around forty-five to sixty minutes. However, two things need should follow in mind before applying for this. Those are as follows:-

· Moreover, the vehicle should be fully repair, and each part should work.

· If a car gets some issues, then it might take more than sixty minutes to recover.

Another thing that needs to remember is that the test center does not allow those who fail to pass the MOT test. Moreover, there are some more restrictions on test centers.

Is There Any Cost for the MOT test?

Well, the answer is yes. Examinees need to give a certain amount of cost to the examiners. However, the cost varies for different centers. Although, the government fixes the maximum price. The price for four-wheelers like cars, motor caravans is around £54.85, while for two-wheelers like motorbikes it is around £29.65. However, this price is not in the correct position, or some places like garages it is less than this amount. It is somewhat fifty percent lesser. People who want to apply for this MOT test can search online for cheaper test centers. Not only this, they can even set numbers for their examinee number. Many MOT coupons are also there on the internet. These coupons help in reducing the fees. Some companies have made specific schemes for MOT tests. It includes free services along with examination fees. Including the answer of how long does an MOT take? This, is also an important question to ask.

Prepartaion Of MOT Test

Well, there are plenty of ways to prepare your vehicles for this test. Few things need to be kept in mind while preparing for it. As explained earlier, this examination is all about cars. The major items on which this test focuses are age and mileage, are considered significant factors. However, there are certain things which need to be keep in mind for this. Those are as follows:-

· The washer and wiper should be in perfect condition.

· There should be a decent windscreen available for chips.

· All lights and indicators, along with the bulb, should work in proper condition.

· In the case of a four-wheeler, all of the four wheels should be in running condition. Moreover, the same applies to two-wheelers also

Top five Reasons that might Lead your car to fail the MOT

There are several reasons for people leading to failing this test. However, there are many. Here are those reasons:-

· Screenwash is not covered up: This is considered one of the primary tasks in the examination. However, many of the vehicles get under this barrier.

· Car is full of dirt or entirely cluttered: The first thing a particular vehicle should possess is that it should be well cleaned. This includes cabin, mirror including both front and rear. Moreover, all the side windows should be neet and tidy.

· No Stickers should be present on the Windscreen: Another common mistake found is having stickers attached to the windscreen. Well, this problem leads to a lack of visibility. Drivers should keep this thing in mind that nothing should be present on the windshield while driving.

· Letting up the warning light on the dashboard: MOT test comprises strict rules and regulations; hence, letting up the warning symbol is one of them.

Checklist to clear MOT Test

In markets, there are many agencies made which may help you to pass this test. Moreover, nowadays, people can find it online also. There are many websites available on the internet that delivers a checklist, and this checklist is prepared in such a manner that it helps you clear this exam quickly. However, few things need to be keep in mind before going through this checklist. Those are as follows:-

· Charge: The first thing is that your vehicle should not contain any amount.

· Breaking lights: Breaking lights is a simple phenomenon of damaging the headlights or backlight.

· Tires: All the tires should be in proper working conditions and should possess an accurate Stephany for them.

Well, these are some of the few checklists which help you in clearing this challenging examination. Moreover, the main question remains the same that is how long does an MOT take?

What Happen If Your Car Fails To Pass MOT?

If somehow, your vehicle fails to pass this test, then, in that case, MOT centers will generate an especial certificate for you. That certificate is known as VT30 Certificate. Moreover, the aim of giving this is to create awareness of driving the car. However, previously, the rules were different. It is comprised of that if your vehicle fails, then you will be rejected. Furthermore, in the year 2018, the government passed a law to change this rule. However, some of the issues are that if the car possesses dangerous faults, major faults do not appear in the MOT test at your turn.

One thing to be noticed is that if you are driving a car without passing the MOT test, the outcome will be hazardous. The government has made a charge of 2,500 euros to that person. Moreover, the license will be taken by the government for a lifetime. However, the government is still trying to find the correct answer for how long does an MOT takes?

MOT Retests

If you have got the answer for how long does an MOT take. Now, move to the next question.

If you have failed to appear in the MOT test, then you have a chance to occur in it again. In 2012, the government made a law for the people that comprise reappearing in MOT test furthermore. Well, some people have certain kinds of issues. Moreover, the most seen excuses are fixing the car, arranging all the documents, family problems, the vehicle under repair, etc.. After looking at all these issues, the government made it mandatory for everyone to appear for the exam.

Well, sometimes, it is also found that people forget to get their car from repairing. For these kinds of people, retests can be done, and however, the date for retests usually comes in ten days. If you somehow take your vehicle and still want to retake the exam, then certain formalities must be fill according to the government first. After going through those formalities, you may appear for retests.

If MOT test Session Gets Expires, then What to do?

After passing the exam, there is a certain kind of period allocated to the vehicle. People can drive the car only in that tie period. However, if your period expires, then according to the government, you are not eligible to drive the vehicle. This, may lead to further investigation of your car. Moreover, there are chances you mat put under bars for this.

So, it is prescribe by the government that you need to go through the MOt test after every three years. Usually, the time issued by the MOT is around three years. Moreover, the only option for them is to recharge all the money back to the government.

Well, this is the end of the article. I hope you have learned a good knowledge about the MOT test. Along with these queries, How long does an MOT take? these questions are also frequently asked.


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