Homemade pulled pork sandwich

pork sandwich

Whether you prefer buns to bread or vice versa for your pulled pork sandwich, there’s no better than homemade! Why are homemade buns or bread better for pulled pork? Simple! You can customize it, from the flavor, the crunch, the compactness, and the size.

In this case, you don’t have to gamble with a variety before you settle on one; you can bake your best. Better still, you have the option to explore different recipes when you are smoking your pork, baking the bread, rolls, or buns, and deciding your coleslaw.

A few things to take into considerations, though:

  • Use more flour, as this will help thicken the dough for more compact bread.
  • Ensure that you store the dough long enough to bring out the best of tastes.
  • Consider the flavor of the pulled pork when baking the buns or bread.
  • If it is your first time baking for pulled pork, get recommendations and proven recipes for a perfect start.

Buns for Pulled Pork: Ciabatta Bread Rolls

Then there are the legendary ciabatta bread rolls, which are the best overall bread rolls for pulled pork sandwiches.

Originating from Italy, the bread has minimal fat and cholesterol, making it a favorite for many. Over and above that, you can either buy the bread from the supermarket and bakery or decide on a homemade option.

Admittedly, the homemade option is the best, and no one’s mummy or daddy backfires the deal. However, remember to make early preparations, at least three days too, so your ciabatta sandwich is perfect with the pulled pork.

Homemade Bread is Hard

Is homemade bread hard? You are right! Getting sufficient time for a simple meal is always a hustle, so you can imagine making bread, and not just bread, but the perfect companion for the pulled pork.

In this case, you can always pass by the supermarket or bakery for the classic hamburger bread. Remember to keep in mind the type, size, and flavor of the pulled pork so that the combination will bring out the mouth-watering dish you have in mind.

Related Questions

  1. Are Brioche buns good for pulled pork?

Yes, they are great. Besides, you don’t have to do much on the buns to make them suitable for the pulled pork. Just a simple interior toast is enough to give you the delectable pulled pork sandwich that you want.

  • Are sweet buns suitable for pulled pork sandwiches?

Yes, they are fine for the pulled pork sandwiches. Actually, if you are into sweet buns, don’t compromise the taste, as the blend is always excellent. However, you can minimize the flavor of the pulled pork for a better recipe.

  • What can I serve with pulled pork sandwiches?

You can serve the pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw recipes, depending on the availability and preference. Others add pickles to improve the flavor of the sandwich.

Classic Ingredients for Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Essentially, most classic buns designed for hamburgers are suitable for the pulled pork sandwiches. However, as we mentioned earlier, you have to be rather picky when pulled pork buns.

Hence, if you decide to go classic, get buns that are quite sturdy, but again consider the type of meat. If it is too spicy, you can consider the basic or less flavored bun types. Similarly, if the pork is thick, go for minimal thickness in the bun while ensuring that they don’t compromise sturdiness.

I prefer the English muffin, which is round and sturdy, for larger servings of pulled pork. The bun is also an excellent choice when the target group is full of adults, who will love the easy yet decent way it presents itself.

The kaiser is my number one choice for smaller servings, with its interior fluffiness making for a perfect holding solution. It is also great for kids, who appreciate a crispy feel in almost every other snack.

  • How much pork do you need for pulled pork?

At least budget for ½ a pound of pork for each person who will take the sandwich. Remember that you will have to do away with the bones when purchasing the meat, so you should add at least 40% of the meat. This way, you will end up with enough pork for the sandwich.

Final Thoughts

Have you already decided on the best bun for pulled pork sandwich that you wanna try? Give it a go, and you can alternate the different options given above for more flavorsome delicacies. After all, you might end up in favor of the bun you least expected!


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