Here’s what causes frequent inflammation in your stomach



You know that burning feeling in your stomach when you consume something spicy or oily? That is inflammation. It happens when the stomach lining starts to erode. But, we also need inflammation to survive, offered Mark Hyman, NY Times bestselling author and a family physician.

“The trouble occurs when that defense system runs out of control as a rebel army bent on destroying its own country. Most people are familiar with overactive immune responses and too much inflammation in common conditions like allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune disease or asthma,” he explained on an Instagram post.⁣⁣

But inflammation is also the root of all chronic illness such as dementia, cancer, autism or various heart diseases and obesity. In order to solve this issue, we first need to understand the causes of the same. Take a look at the possible reasons.

Hyman said we need to “first identify the triggers and causes of inflammation, and then help the body’s natural immune balance reset by providing the right conditions for it to thrive.⁣⁣”
He added while we are always trying to calm our inflammation with various solutions available at hand, we never really address the cause. “The cause has multiple problems that are really linked together by inflammation,.”
In order to reach the root of the causes, he suggested some “disarmingly simple, but 7 extraordinarily effective ways”.

  • Incorporate high fibre food preferably a plant-based diet that is ⁣anti-inflammatory in nature.⁣⁣
  • Secondly, eat healthy fats which can be derived from “olive oil, nuts, avocados and omega 3 fats from small fish like sardines, herring, sable, and wild salmon”.⁣⁣
  • Next, exercise. Squeeze in at least a 30-minute walk or running in your schedule every day. ⁣⁣
  • “Learn to actively relax to engage your vagus nerve, the powerful nerve that relaxes your whole body and lowers inflammation, by doing yoga, meditation, deep breathing or even taking a hot bath.”
  • Keep a track of your food allergies. If an item does not go down well with you, simply stop consuming it.
  • Take probiotics to keep your gut healthy. This immensely helps in reducing inflammation.⁣⁣
  • Lastly, do not forget to “take a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement which helps reduce inflammation”.

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