Google’s Fuschia OS makes it to the first-gen Nest Hub


Google has been developing its Fuschia operating system for years at this point. However, until now, the new OS had not been implemented in any product. We don’t even know what kind of devices Fuschia will be capable of powering. However, the operating system is now live, and will soon be found running on the 2018 Google Nest Hub Gen-1.

Fushia will replace the Linux-based “Cast OS” on the 2018 Google Nest Hub, suggests a report by 9to5Google. Google has confirmed that it will be rolling out the update over the next months. The ‘under-the-hood’ update will also come first to those in Google’s Preview Program.

What will the new update change for Google Nest Hub users?

The switch to Fuschia will not be noticeable for Nest Hub users. However, the rollout will offer Google the first step to test out its new operating system on real-world devices. The move could also eventually lead to Fuschia coming to more Made for Google devices, replacing Cast OS.

Fuschia could eventually come to desktops and smartphones

Fuschia can also be used for technology beyond smart home devices. This includes smartphones and desktops. While Fuschia will not be a replacement for Android in the near future, the new OS might give Google breathing room to try out a different approach to making operating systems.

The same can be said for desktops, where Fuschia could perhaps someday in the future compete with Windows and Mackintosh, simultaneously alongside ChromeOS.

Fuschia will be limited to the Gen-1 Google Nest Hub for now. “You don’t ship a new operating system every day, but today is that day,” said Petr Hosek, Google’s technical lead on Fuchsia in a tweet on Tuesday.

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