Github announces Open Source Grants for Indian developers; will offer a total sum of Rs 1 crore



GitHub, has announced an Open Source Grants for Indian developers, where it will offer a total sum of Rs 1 crore to select developers. The program will support and fund open source maintainers and contributors in their work. Github will have a jury of three, including Amit Ranjan, who is currently Architect for the Digital Locker & OpenForge at the government of India, to select the best projects. Github, which is the world’s largest open source developer community platform, had set up an official entity in India last year.

“We had over 1.8 million developers who joined GitHub in India just over the past year, which brings the total to 5.8 million developers on the platform. When we extrapolate that forward, we’re hoping by our third anniversary of operating in India, which is in February 2023, we will have more than 10 million developers on the platform,” Erica Brescia, Chief Operating Officer at GitHub told

“If we look at public Open Source Repositories specifically, the number of contributions has increased by 80% year-over-year. India is the fastest growing country in the world in terms of new developers contributing to open source,” she added.

While COVID-19 has added challenges across industries, for Github it meant an increase in development activities with more repositories created than the year before, according to the COO.

Globally Github says it saw a 25% increase in contributions to open source projects. Some open-source projects such as the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 dashboard and the COVID-19 tracking dashboard by were also built on GitHub.

Further, it has announced it is expanding its GitHub Accelerate program for startups in India. It had run a pilot startup program to provide access to GitHub Enterprise to startups in India. The program has seen nearly 200 startups participating to date from the country. The company will be expanding the eligibility of the program to more than 1,000 new startups in the coming year.

“We’re also partnering with venture funds incubators and accelerators, who already have been supporting these startups. Many of the startups want more visibility of what’s happening in the tech ecosystem on GitHub. We want to build this engagement model with the startups in India and it’s a huge ecosystem,” Maneesh Sharma, Country Manager for GitHub India said.

It is also building on its Campus offerings by providing participating students with an opportunity to engage via fellowship programs with corporations in India with a new Externship Program.


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