From treating mouth ulcers to aiding weight loss: The many benefits of curry leaves


Other than their culinary uses, kitchen condiments can also take care of your many skin, hair woes and boost immunity. One such all-pervasive ingredient that is extremely good for one’s health is curry leaves, both in fresh and dry form.

As per Dr Dixa Bhavsar, the leaves — rich in fibre, protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals — help manage lifestyle issues like obesity, too.

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Remedy for hair loss and premature greying

How to make?

Take 1-2 cups of coconut oil/any oil of your choice and a handful of curry leaves (you may add amla if you like), bring to a boil until the leaves and the oil darken. Let it cool down a bit then transfer the mixture into a glass container.

How to apply?

Apply the curry hair oil from root to tip by partitioning the hair into different sections. Let it sit overnight. The next day, shampoo your hair with a mild shampoo.

Dandruff and head lice

Make a fine paste of curry leaves with sour buttermilk.

How to apply?

Apply to the scalp and retain till it dries up. Wash thoroughly. Doing it twice or thrice a week with a gap of 1-2 days in between gives relief.

Weight loss

hot water bath, inflammation, lower fasting sugar levels hot bath, increases metabolism hot water bath, indian express, indian express news Here’s how curry leaves can help you lose weight. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Take about 10-20 curry leaves and boil them in water. After a few minutes, strain the tea to remove the leaves. Add a dash of honey and lemon juice to enhance its taste and flavour.

“Your fat-burning curry leaves tea is ready,” said Dr Bhavsar.

Mouth ulcers

Curry leaf powder mixed with honey can be applied over the mouth ulcer. In 2-3 days, it relieves stomatitis, an inflammation of the mouth and lips.

Diabetes, cholesterol, and overall health benefits

You can eat 8-10 fresh curry leaves first thing in the morning, or you could juice the leaves and drink it, too. Add them to curries, rice dishes, and salads to enjoy their goodness.

“Curry leaves are known to release a powerful enzyme called alpha-amylase, which breaks down dietary starch to glucose. So, it’s a natural blood sugar regulator. According to Ayurveda, bitterness combats sweetness; therefore, it’s best for diabetic patients. It is bitter, and the liver loves bitter so helps in digestion issues as well,” said Dr Bhavsar.

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