From improving digesting to aiding weight loss: The many benefits of using copperware


You are what you eat, and perhaps, what you drink from, too, if ayurvedic practitioner Dr Dixa Bhavsar’s words are to go by. In a recent Instagram post, Dr Bhavsar pointed out the need to make copperware an essential part of one’s life.

According to her, besides altering the taste, copper has numerous Ayurvedic benefits for the body and is therefore recommended for use.

Here’s what she said: “I drink water from my copper water bottle throughout the day and I feel so much lighter and fresh. The water from a copper bottle tastes so much better and sweeter as well”.

According to the practitioner, the qualities of water stored in a copper vessel as per Ayurveda are:

Ushna – hot in nature
Rasa (taste) – sweet and slightly pungent
Katu vipaka – undergoes pungent taste conversion after digestion

Here are some other benefits that copperware has for one’s body.

*Helps in weight loss.
*Improves digestion.
*Slows down ageing.
*Good for heart as it helps in hypertension and cholesterol.
*Beneficial in arthritis and inflamed joints.
*Beats anemia as copper aids the body’s absorption of iron, which plays a key role in fighting anemia.
*Helps in faster wound-healing
*Regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland.
*Boosts skin health and melanin production.
*Is antimicrobial as it fights infections.

However, remember to clean copper vessels at least twice a week.

Here’s how you can clean them properly.

Lemon and salt

To naturally clean copper pots and pans, and less fragile copper pieces, cut a lemon in half, add salt to the cut side and rub gently onto the item. You can also make a paste with lemon juice, and equal parts salt and non-oxidised cornstarch or baking soda.

Vinegar and salt

Rub a mixture of 1 tablespoon of table salt and 1 cup of white vinegar onto the vessel with a soft cloth and rinse. Or, immerse the tarnished copper into a pot of 3 cups of water and the salt-vinegar mixture, bring to a boil and boil until the grime and tarnish comes off.

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