Feeling demotivated during lockdown? These simple tips can help


It is no secret that the ongoing second wave of COVID and the lockdown has left us stressed and drained of all energy. Amid the crisis, most of us are somehow pushing ourselves to wake up, work from home and do our daily chores, all while lacking motivation.

How does one fight demotivation in the pandemic? Therapist and counsellor Sarla Totla recently shared some tips on Instagram.

Totla advised these steps:

*As you plan the day, divide it into two-three hour slots and assign achievable tasks or goals to them. It will ensure more productivity and focus.

*Avoid multi-tasking; try to retain focus only on one task at a time, keeping a checklist aside, multi-tabs closed, devices away, and work area separate.

*Amidst all the activities, it is essential to take time-outs that allow you to disconnect, even for a few minutes. Take breaks especially from digital devices and focus on any activity that relaxes and rejuvenates you.

*Be open to sharing your thoughts around the workload, mental health, or distress with your friends, family and colleagues. Also, acknowledge that others are going through the same and make room for empathy and kindness.

*It is natural to close our day with numerous thoughts and emotions. Hence, we must take measures to centre and calm our minds for a peaceful sleep, through activities such as guided meditation, reading, and deep breathing exercises.

“It is okay if it feels hard to follow the old routine. Be kind and gentle with yourself,” the therapist added.

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