Facebook’s new feature will remind you to read the article before you share it


Facebook is all set to start testing a new pop-up feature that will ask users if they are certain about wanting to share an article if if haven’t opened it. Facebook shared the news via a post on Twitter, which has a similar prompt as well when users try and retweet any article.

The pop-up will prompt many users to read the article. Users can also choose to share the unread article if they want to do the same. The test is said to be rolling out to 6 percent of Android users worldwide as revealed by a Facebook spokesperson

The new feature is meant to help users be better informed about the articles they wish to share, according to Facebook. This will help in combating the spread of misinformation which has been highly prevalent on social media apps, including Facebook.

The company’s approach is simple. When a user decides to share a news article link they haven’t opened, the social media platform will show a pop-up prompt encouraging the user to open it and read it, before sharing it with others. The pop up message warns the user that not opening the article can lead to “missing key facts,” with headlines often not telling the whole story.

The new pop up feature is similar to the feature available on Twitter which the company had started testing in June 2020. Twitter’s implementation of this very feature has not been perfect. Users who may have read an article at another time or at some other platform still get the pop-up notification.

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