Erectile Dysfunction: It’s Time To Emphasize On This Common Yet Serious Problem


Erectile Dysfunction is so common that it affects millions of people across the world, and so serious that it can cost your life. Try sildenafil 100 with your doctor’s advice and take a step ahead in improving your sexual life and overall health.

Wish to know more about this grave concern? Keep reading the blog and gradually unfold all the essential information on erectile dysfunction.

If you are experiencing persistent erection problems, please consult your doctor immediately. The doctor will probably take your physical examination and ask about your symptoms and health history before recommending the best treatment for ed.

Sildenafil 100mg works exceptionally well to fix erectile dysfunction; talk to your doctor if it would be the right choice for you. We shall explain more about this erectile dysfunction medication in later sections of this blog.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that can prevent men from getting or keeping erections long or firm enough to carry out satisfying sexual intercourse. It can be a short-term or long-term issue. You have erectile dysfunction if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • You can get an erection occasionally, but not every time when you want to engage in sex.
  • You get an erection that is not firm or lasts for long enough to complete intercourse.
  • You are never able to get an erection

Should you neglect erectile dysfunction symptoms? The answer is “NEVER”. By ignoring the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, you could be making the biggest mistake of your life.

How? Because erectile dysfunction or impotence sometimes develops as a symptom of other serious illnesses which can even lead to death. Sildenafil 100mg interacts with some health conditions and medications and so talk to your doctor before you start taking sildenafil 100mg.

What Other Name Does Erectile Dysfunction Have?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is also referred to as impotence, but now medical professionals tend to use this term less frequently.

How Common Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is fairly prevalent and affects nearly thirty million men in the United States alone. But there’s a common myth that ED is a normal part of aging, which is absolutely untrue.

Although older men may require more sexual stimulation to obtain an erection, they are still able to enjoy satisfactory sexual intercourse. Talk to your healthcare provider and get the best treatment for ed prescribed for you.

Who Is At A Risk Of Developing Erectile Dysfunction?

You are at significant risk of developing erectile dysfunction if you:

  • Are older
  • Take certain medications or health supplements
  • Have certain conditions
  • Have any psychological or emotional problems
  • Have any health-related behaviors of factors such as unhealthy diet, overweight, inactive lifestyle, smoking, excessive alcoholism or drug abuse, etc.

What Complications Does Erectile Dysfunction Cause?

Complications of erectile dysfunction include:

  • Low self-esteem, stress, depression, or anxiety
  • Being unable to make your partner pregnant
  • An unsatisfactory love life
  • Lack of intimacy between you and your partner, leading to a stressful relationship

How To Choose The Best Treatment For ED?

With so many alternatives, you might be wondering how to choose the best treatment for ed. One of the easiest and handiest ways is to take an oral medication like sildenafil 100mg.

This medication was the first-ever discovered ed treatment which is trusted by most ED patients and medical professions. It comes in a variety of strengths; sildenafil 100mg is the standard dose that is appropriate to mild-to-moderate cases of erectile dysfunction.

If sildenafil 100 does not provide you with the expected result, consult your doctor and know if the dosage could be increased. The doctor may prescribe sildenafil 100mg for you to check if it works. If you are experiencing any side effects or allergic reactions to sildenafil 100mg, talk to your doctor immediately.

How To Take Sildenafil 100mg?

Sildenafil 100mg is an oral medication that you need to take about 30 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse. It helps increase blood flow in the specific regions of the body including the penis and thus will help you get and maintain firm erections. The effects of sildenafil 100 last for about 6 hours.

If you find that your erection is painful or doesn’t go away for more than four hours, rush to the healthcare center in your immediate vicinity. Prolonged or painful erections are the symptoms of priapism that need to be addressed without any delay.

Does generic Sildenafil Work As Good As Viagra?

Sildenafil 100mg is available in both branded and generic versions. These medications are equally safe and effective and work similarly due to the presence of the same active pharmaceutical agent.

The only difference is that the generic sildenafil 100mg is much cheaper than its branded counterparts. You can choose any of them depending upon what your doctor advises and your personal preferences. Both are safe and effective but can lead to certain side effects including headache, dizziness, sensitivity to light, muscle pain, temporary changes in the vision, hearing impairment, etc.

These side effects are generally mild and get recovered within just a few hours. If it persists or interferes with your daily activities, you can talk to your healthcare provider.

What Alternatives Of Sildenafil 100mg Are Available?

Sildenafil might be the best treatment for ED, however, it doesn’t work for everyone. If your doctor finds that it doesn’t work well for you, he may prescribe some other medication such as tadalafil or vardenafil. Other medical treatment alternatives for erectile dysfunction include counseling, vacuum pumps, penile prosthesis, testosterone therapy, etc.


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