9 Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Essential for Your Business

Email Marketing

As effective tools, emails have truly stood the test of time. Much has happened since the first email was sent out in 1971. Yet even today, checking our inbox is a daily ritual for most. All professional contact also takes place over email, in offices, or in schools. Moreover, a personal email ID is needed for social media, online subscriptions, and even shopping. You could even say that emails are the basic unit of an online presence.

It makes sense, then, that emails remain important for businesses as a marketing tool. Don’t believe it? Here are nine reasons you should reconsider.

#1. Cost-Effectiveness

Emails are a marketing tool with one of the highest ROI (return on investment) rates. According to a 2015 study, every $1 invested in email marketing generates a $42 return. Amazing, isn’t it? While hundreds of dollars are needed to launch big marketing campaigns, emails cost mere pennies.  Meanwhile, print and digital ads, in comparison, require various pricey resources that can drain your budget.

#2. Call To Action

How many times have you clicked an email link to a random business, like a staffing agency? Chances are, often. Emails invite quick action from a user, without much hassle. Every person who receives an email takes an action in response. This can even be deleting, archiving, or flagging an email. Why does this matter? When taking action, it isn’t possible to not see the contents of a message. So, your target always views your product, often clicking on provided links.

#3. Increase In Sales

Engagement with ads always leads to a jump in sales. When you promote a new offer via email, you entice customers to make a purchase. This is because products marketed through email grab attention, creating interest in your brand. This leads to more store and website visits, resulting in sales.

#4. Customer Loyalty

People respond well to special attention. When you send a personalized email, you directly address your customer. So, this forges a strong connection between your brand and audience. Often, a customer feels obliged to respond by availing the advertised offers. Hence, emails are a good method of building a community of loyal clientele.

#5. Targeted Marketing

Emails can allow you to target a specific audience for promotion. By segmenting the recipients based on data like age or gender, you can advertise relevant products. For instance, you can send an email about women’s shoes only to women. Hence, there are higher chances of purchase. This level of control is not possible with any other type of marketing.

#6. High Website Traffic

When you send an email promoting your business, you prompt a visit to your website. People don’t always visit websites in a browser. Mostly, they prefer to click links that are in front of them. Through email marketing, you remind customers to visit your store.

#7. Timely Promotion

Through email, you can promote time-sensitive offers at once. People tend to check their emails promptly. Thus, you can target customers in real-time and generate quick results. This way, marketing through email can help generate revenue faster.

#8. Market Review

Marketing emails are a good way to test consumer wants. By compiling data like website visits through email, you can judge people’s interests. This can help you cater to your market better. Then, you can tailor your products as per your audience.

#9. Wide Access 

Perhaps the most important factor here is that everyone uses email. From teenagers to grandparents, emails are a universal mode of contact. Even those who don’t use phones can access email through computers. This way, emails are a sure method of delivering your message widely. Even geographical limitations and time zone differences can’t stop someone from checking their email.


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