Custom Boxes Myths That Aren’t True

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Custom boxes make an excellent first impression.

You can prepare a package exactly to your specifications with the help of customization and high-quality printing. Even if you are a good potential customer for custom printed boxes, there are various myths that will confuse you at various stages. Customers have a variety of questions before deciding on custom packaging, and manufacturers do their best to answer them. Some of the misconceptions, however, remain unresolved. Here, we’ll debunk some custom boxes myths that aren’t true and are completely justifiable.

Myth 1: Custom Boxes have Exorbitant Minimums

It is a common misconception that custom packaging box minimums are extremely high. Although most large box printing companies have minimums ranging from 1000 to 5000 boxes, this is not the case across the board. Small/medium-sized businesses and start-ups believe they cannot afford large minimums and, as a result, prefer to look for other options. When it comes to designing retail boxes, printing is the best option. Other options may have an impact on the attractiveness of your packaging, making it less appealing to customers. As a result, your products are unable to find a suitable niche in a competitive market. There are a number of manufacturers on the market who can provide you with custom packaging and printing with lower minimums. They have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 100 boxes. As a result, they are ideal for small business owners and startups.

Myth 2: The lead time is excessively long.

Another common misconception about custom printed boxes is that they take too long to produce. Customers are irritated, and they believe that it will take them longer to enter the market. However, this is not the case. The majority of custom orders require seven days to deliver after the customer approves the artwork and signs off on the print card proof. If the order is large, most box printing companies will take a week or two to deliver the custom cardboard boxes to the customer’s door. Furthermore, a repeat order may take less than a week. Companies may have stock products on hand at times. They may also expedite the production of your order by including your brand name, logo, and other pertinent information. Thus, whether you need product boxes, food boxes, or any other type of packaging, you can get it quickly.

Myth 3: Custom Printing Is Difficult

People think that custom printing is a difficult process. It is not correct. The use of printing plates and refined artwork, on the other hand, makes it complicated and a little pricey. Everything runs smoothly as long as the printing plates are in good working order. Changing plates or making new ones necessitates effort. However, it is a one-time cost. Once the printing plates are created, they become the customer’s property, and you can easily print hundreds of retail boxes at a low cost. A team of experts can assist you in creating the ideal artwork for your cardboard boxes. They work on complex logos, refined artwork, and 3D images in order to provide high-quality packaging to their clients.

Myth 4: The cost is prohibitively expensive.

Every business owner is concerned about the cost of doing business. It’s a common misconception that printing costs a lot of money. However, the price of custom packaging boxes rises as the order size decreases. Regardless of order size, printing has a negligible impact on the cost of the box. The plate and artwork charges are what drive up the cost of printing. As previously stated, creating printing plates is a one-time expense.As a result, printing is extremely efficient for large corporations that deal with thousands of boxes every day. Furthermore, if small businesses opt for other options such as applying labels, stickers, or custom tape, they should consider a variety of factors. Manually repairing them necessitates significant effort and time. When you have to deal with hundreds of packages on a daily basis, the concept becomes ineffective.

Myth 5: It takes a lot of energy to make cardboard products.

Some people believe that producing cardboard and its products necessitates a significant amount of energy. However, according to research statistics, the pulp industry’s energy requirements have been significantly reduced. It is one of the most important renewable energy sources with a low carbon footprint. In Europe, biomass accounts for 52 percent of the energy used by the paper industry, and renewable energy accounts for more than half of the energy used to manufacture paper products. Furthermore, the paper is not harmful to the environment. It’s a completely natural product. Custom cardboard boxes are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.Recycling also helps to save the environment by reducing methane and carbon dioxide emissions. As a result, ensure a healthy environment for future generations.

Myth 6: Consumers are unconcerned about boxes.

Whatever a person goes through, he shares it with a large number of people via social media. As a result, each brand’s touch points are important. Every consumer is concerned about the manner in which you present your products. Whether it’s food boxes, mailer boxes, or other types of product packaging, providing a great experience is a strategy for standing out from the crowd. It’s why users post videos describing their favourite products’ “box opening experiences.” Even if the customer does not notice the small details that go into the packaging, he may enjoy a hassle-free opening experience that benefits the brand. Read more


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