‘Cardio has really helped me manage PCOS, keep weight down’: Sonam Kapoor



Of late, many celebrities have been vocal about their struggles with health issues. One among them is Sonam Kapoor, who has previously shared she suffers from PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome since she was a teenager and has also spoken about the many lifestyle changes she made and how she does not let the condition affect her mental health.

In a similar vein, on the occasion of World Health Day observed annually on April 7, she had an engaging Instagram session with her and husband Anand Ahuja‘s nutritionist Lily Kimble, who is based in South Africa.

The Neerja actor also revealed how, for the last two years, her diet has been curated by Kimble to include more “fun smoothies”, and is an ideal mix of having everything without eliminating any food group.


“The biggest issue is that women tend to think they have been diagnosed with a condition (that has impaired their living) but PCOS is something you can live with by making few lifestyle changes,” mentioned 37-year-old Kimble, who herself suffers from PCOS.

What can one do?

“Many people think that PCOS is something that only overweight women suffer from. It is not so. Even lean women tend to have PCOS. A low carbohydrate and high protein diet can help. A high carb diet affects insulin sensitivity. Take carbs with a low glycemic index (which does not spike your insulin),” said Kimble.

As an imbalance in the metabolism of hormones, the ovaries produce higher levels of androgen which interfere with the development and release of eggs. Some of the eggs develop into cysts — which are the little sacs filled with liquid. Instead of being released during ovulation, these cysts build up in the ovaries and at times even get enlarged explained Dr Sushma Tomar, consultant obstetrics and gynecology, at Fortis Hospital, Kalyan in an earlier interaction with indianexpress.com.

As part of the Instagram Live session, Sonam mentioned how having a low-carb diet has helped her.

“Take carbohydrates with low GI (which does not spike your insulin) like strawberries, melons, berries and any not-so sugary fruit, no white foods. For me, what really works is I eat a lot of dals, pulses, red rice which does not spike my insulin too much and burns slowly,” she said.

Talking about her fitness routine, Sonam said that walking has helped keep her digestive health in check.

sonam kapoor Sonam Kapoor has been trying to cook and eat healthy. (Source: Sonam Kapoor/Instagram)

“Walking in the morning really helps me before I eat something so that my body can assimilate. I think cardio has really helped me with my PCOS and keeping my weight down,” she mentioned.

Kimble also shared how it is important to not let sugar cravings get the better of one. “Many tend to put so much restriction in their diet. But it is important to remember that one can fight sugar cravings with something sweet. So as long as one’s diet is good, indulgence is fine,” she said.

Sharing that she “can’t live without mocha” in the morning, Sonam said that she has started adding vegan protein to her mocha while saying how preparing different types of shakes has helped her cut down on the sugar cravings.

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