Camila Mendes Opens Up About the Self-Care Tactics That Help Her Deal


are you Brazilian? Did you realize that you were not considered for certain roles?

When I started working hard and giving auditions, I felt that there were characters for white women or characters for Spanish-speaking Latin women. I am latin I was born in the United States and I am from Brazil. I speak Portuguese. In Hollywood, at the time, it seemed that there was no role for people with backgrounds similar to mine. But now, I think people are beginning to understand that there are all kinds of Latin women – and beyond that, all kinds of people are people with different backgrounds and experiences. Not just an American experience or a Latin experience.

How did you see that change?

Some of the characters that I’ve been getting lately for my legacy, and I think I’ve come without being a focal point or the same. It feels so real.

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What is your definition of profit?

For me, I take care of myself in the easiest way. What do I want – what does my body want now? Sometimes I sit down and examine broadly, it looks like: “What does my body need? Do I need water, sleep or steps and stretches? Do I need a magazine?” ” I think being good is about checking your physical and mental health and evaluating what you really need at that time.

Where did you learn to do this?

I think my mother was lucky to raise me like this – she is very healthy. He buys organic and cooked healthy food. He encourages me to exercise without looking a particular way, but because increasing your heart rate is important for your health. I also took dance classes as a child, when movement was a part of your life at an early age, it was with you; You cooperate with your body because you cooperate with it.

In what ways are you determined to take care of yourself?

I definitely shake my body every day. I go through phases when it comes to what I want to do – I have so many different classes. Now, this is not possible. So my trainer also sends me workouts, and I do it on my own – I feel like I want to do workouts on my own. I think I can focus on my form and what I can do.

Camila Mendez

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When it comes to nourishing and nourishing your body, what is your strategy?

My relationship with food was very strange at the time – I had an eating disorder. I met it by seeing [my] physician and working with a nutritionist who was very stubborn about me. I have not eaten corpses – but it only takes me after a while. I tried all the dishes – I was always on a diet. But then I came to know that they did not help me. As I started listening to my body and my body needed to eat – sometimes about eating what I thought was as bad as sugar and bread – I noticed a big change. The fun lesson is that it tells what your body wants and wants; You have to know how to listen to it. It takes time to find out – it is hard. What one woman wants is not what another woman wants. we are all different.

How can you take care of your mental health?

Is interesting. When we first started shooting for season 5, I started having panic attacks, which was different for me. Because I’m in Vancouver and the borders are closed – no one can see us. You start losing your home and life, and your friends or community are no longer with you. I mean, I’m so grateful for all the work I’ve done, I don’t want me to come out. Bathing helped with panic attacks. I put my phone down, took a break from technology and learned to climb in the tub with some music and a book in those moments. I didn’t do it before the epidemic and now I want to learn to do it myself.

Are there other things that you regularly do to keep your mind healthy?

I see a doctor once a week – it overwhelms me. I also have a thank you journal. I got it from a coaster. You write a few small things every day that you are grateful for. I never thought I’d be one of those people, but I love it. I like to do deep presses every day, but I don’t have time. So, it’s great because you’re still checking yourself and you’re feeling better because you’ve done something yourself.

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