Camila Mendes Opens Up About the Self-Care Tactics That Help Her Deal With Pandemic Isolation


When Camila Mendes appeared to talk about her health story, she was wearing a simple white tee and jeans, she had almost no make-up – she was completely glowing. When you see him, you know that he was alone in his apartment and has not come out since going to work. The Riverdale Star returned to Vancouver, where the show was filmed in between. For safety, the entire cast must be separated for two weeks before the film can be resumed.

The slow pace has become a new one for 26 years. Soon after graduating from New York University, Camilla was portrayed as a favorite character in the comic book Veronica Lodge. Broadcasting on The CW, Riverdale was an instant hit and last season brought in an average of one million viewers per week. It was a success that most artists only dreamed of, meaning that Camilla has been consistently involved in filmmaking, press duties, award shows, and other projects for the past several years.

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Most of the time came alone with his toned-down schedule – some said to teach him some basic life lessons. “Suddenly, I was stripped of everything that kept me busy, leaving me to think about who I am as a person and what I wanted to do with my time.” He admits that it was a bit difficult at first, but eventually finds that it is good for him and teaches him to appreciate his company. Here, Camila outlines important self-care strategies to help her cope with isolation, how she can maintain her mental health, how she developed a healthy eating relationship, and more. Pa.

Camila Mendes

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You have already videographed Riverdale in Canada. With Pandemic, you have to spend a lot of time alone, apart from your cast. did you enjoy it?

In my daily life, I am a social butterfly. I love my friends and usually force myself to be alone. But in isolation, I learned how much I like to spend time with myself. It is very gratifying to realize that at some point I feel that this is something that we all need. When it all started, I was somewhere in my life, go, go, go. I never thought that I would have time to sit back and be alone. It made me reevaluate priorities.

Have you found out what you want to do on your own?

Usually, I like to go out to eat and no longer do so, so I feel compelled to learn to cook. Funnily enough, my mom attended cooking school and my grandmother was an employee. I guess, because I broke up with my mother, I didn’t really have to learn. I started with a food delivery service where they sent you a recipe and ingredients – this is excellent basic training. I felt a little more aware than I thought. I must have picked it up by my mother in some way.

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You came to Riverdale soon after graduating from college – it’s a great job. What was that experience?

It was a dream come true – I did not expect that my first kick as an actor studying theater at NU would change that much. Then, there is another side to it. When you have a large fan base, there are people who hate it. But it is also a great learning experience. It inspires you to accept the fact and be comfortable that not everyone will like you – that’s right. The most important lesson I learned early in my career.

As you grew older your family moved forward and you spent time in Brazil. Who do you design today?

I wear it with pride! I am a good packer and minimalist. I think it has taught me not to be too attached to things. I often go to my wardrobe and it is almost embarrassing to remove things. I’ll end up with five shirts and five pair of pants – next month, I’ll do it again! Even now, I live between Vancouver [where we are filmed] and Los Angeles, and then meet my family in Florida. I have a lot of homes and I am relieved to know that I have fewer things. I think it helped me learn how to make friends and interact with them from all places and backgrounds.

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