Apple macOS Monterey: A look at all the new features


Apple announced new software updates for most of its devices at WWDC 2021 including macOS Monterey, the new operating system update that will power Macs, iMacs, and MacBooks. New features on macOS Monterey include Universal Control that lets users rely on single trackpad or keyboard across multiple devices running macOS Monterey and AirPlay to Mac that lets one play anything from the iPhone to a Mac device. Here’s everything new with macOS Monterey.

Universal Control

The first feature under macOS Monterey that Apple revealed is all about the input. Universal Control lets users rely on a single mouse/trackpad and keyboard across two or three devices. These may be MacBooks, iMacs or even iPads. This is especially useful when one of these devices is a MacBook, allowing users to use the MacBook trackpad on their iMac and iPad pro without using another input device altogether.

Universal Control also lets users transfer files quickly between these multiple devices via a simple drag-and-drop image. So if you’re editing a video on your iMac, and have a custom-made watermark on your iPad, you can drag the file from the iPad all the way to the iMac and drop it right in the video editing tool.

AirPlay to Mac

Users can now share their screen from an iPhone or iPad to a macOS Monterey-running device enabling sharing all kinds of content on the bigger screen. Further, users sharing their screen via AirPlay to an iMac can also use the machine’s in-built speakers to play content audio.


Apple’s Shortcuts app is now coming to Macs thanks to macOS Monterey. Shortcuts let users set up quick automated specific actions that get triggered when you choose a shortcut. A new Shortcut editor allows users to create and edit shortcuts quickly and the app also integrates much deeper with macOS, now appearing in Spotlight, Finder, and supporting multitasking as well as the Menu bar.

Apple has also stated that Automator will continue to be supported on macOS Monterey and users can import their Automator workflows into Shortcuts as per their convenience.

New Safari features

Apple has also revamped its Safari browser along with the new update. Safari now has a new minimal tab design that shows the full address when you tap on the tab itself and then users can continue searching straight from there. There is also adaptable theming for Safari that lets the particular tab completely take on the colour of the web page you are visiting.

Tab Groups can also now be found on the newly redesigned sidebar. The feature allows users to group tabs more efficiently without having them clutter up on top and become a hurdle to productivity. Each tab group can consist of its own set of tabs and one can customise tab groups to set them up for work, travel, shopping or other use-cases. Tab groups also sync to other devices like your MacBook.

Other new features

Apple has also added support for its new updated Maps view on macOS Monterey as well as the Live Text feature that uses on-device machine learning to detect text in photos, including phone numbers, websites, addresses, and tracking numbers, so users can copy and paste, make a phone call, open a website, and easily find more information.

Monterey also brings support for Spatial Audio on M1-powered devices, when used with the AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. Meanwhile, new accessibility features let anyone add alternative image descriptions right from Markup, and improved Full Keyboard Access and new cursor customisation options provide more flexibility when navigating Mac.

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