Amazon Prime is offering 50% cashback on annual and 3-month subscriptions: How to avail


Amazon Prime Video is now offering 50 percent cashback on its annual and 3-month plans. But, this is a youth offer and is only available for those who are 18-years old and above, and haven’t turned 25. The annual cost of the Amazon Prime subscription is Rs 999 and you can get a cashback of Rs 500 once you buy it. The 3-month plan is priced at Rs 329 and you will get a cashback of Rs 165.

In order to avail the 50 percent cashback offer, you will first be required to pay the full amount of the subscription. You will then get an SMS or email to complete the age verification process. It is important to note that you will be asked to share some documents to verify your age. Once your age is successfully veried, Amazon will credit the 50 percent amount (that you paid) in your Amazon Pay account.

Amazon says it will take up to 24 hours to verify your age. The good thing is you can avail 50 percent cashback as many times as you want. You can renew the membership until you turn 25 years old, as per Amazon’s official site. You won’t be required to verify your age if you have used the youth offer before.

You can use the free 30-day trial offer and then avail 50 percent cashback offer on the purchase of the Amazon Prime Video subscription. With this membership, Amazon offers free and fast delivery benefits to Prime users. Users also get access to some exclusive deals that are available on Amazon.

Amazon Prime members also get to listen to ad-free music, as per the official of You can also claim free in-game content on participating in some of the mobile games. Prime Video members also get access to hundreds of e-Books, comics and more.

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