AC Repair: The operation of the car air conditioning

Car AC Repair

Let’s find out how the car air conditioner works and AC repair services, from the compressor to the filter and the refrigerant fluid.

To understand how car air conditioning works, it is necessary to start from an elementary principle: when a liquid turns into a gas it absorbs heat, and vice versa when a gas becomes a liquid it releases it. So the car air conditioner does not produce cold air but extracts hot air from the passenger compartment.

Air conditioning compressor operation

The operation of car air conditioning is quite simple: the hot air inside the passenger compartment is cooled when it enters the evaporator, inside which a cold liquid circulates. To circulate the fluid inside the conditioning system is the compressor, which acts on the fluid in a very similar way to a pump. 

From the action of the compressor, the fluid passes to the condenser, where it liquefies, before being sent to a tank, inside which impurities and humidity are retained. At this point, the liquid is vaporized, cooling the surrounding air. The car air conditioner system obviously can be used in any season of the year, so you need your AC repair. It is the most used car tool in the summer, the use of which, if correct, can lead to very fast refrigeration. 

To make the best use of the car AC repair, once inside the passenger compartment, open the windows for a few minutes to allow the air to be changed and immediately afterward keep the air on with recycling for 5 minutes. After that, you can enjoy the fresh air for as long as you need. It is important to remember that it is necessary to periodically refill the refrigerant gas that is in the air conditioner circuit because otherwise there will be a decrease in inefficiency.

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The importance of the AC Repair

The car air conditioner compressor has the purpose of compressing, as a bicycle pump would do with air, the gas that escapes from the evaporator. In the past with vane or piston, today’s compression system is always piston with variable displacement. 

The variable displacement of the compressor allows the system to absorb power from the engine proportional to that necessary to refrigerate the car. In this way it is possible to optimize consumption, spending only the necessary power. All types of compressors are connected to the engine by means of an electric clutch: the noise of the air conditioner drive is precisely that of the clutch that connects to the engine.

In the event that the car air conditioning system does not work properly, or stops working altogether, it is likely that the fault is due to the compressor. Before going to a workshop to have the component repaired, it is advisable to check the condition of the car air conditioning radiator, usually located in front of that of the engine. If it is dirty, it negatively affects the cooling of the refrigerant gas. In this case, washing with a high-pressure water jet is usually sufficient to solve the problem.

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AC filter: what it is and when to replace it

When the car air conditioning smells unpleasant then the problem could be the pollen filter, simply called the air conditioning filter. This small device has the task of filtering the air before cooling it. 

Air filtration is necessary because the car air conditioning system, by its very nature, facilitates the proliferation of bacteria, germs and mites that give off bad smells. Usually, before changing the pollen filter it is enough to use specific products that have the task of both eliminating bad smells and cleaning the various elements of the car air conditioning system circuit.

In fact, as well as due to the proliferation of germs and bacteria inside the filter, the bad smell emanating from the car air conditioning could also depend on the clogging or malfunction of the condensate drain, as well as on an excess of bacteria in the inside the evaporator. Finally, there are many different items that can help with air conditioning maintenance.


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