7 Habits of Highly Successful Freelancers

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Despite popular belief, freelancing is a challenging career. To be a successful freelancer, you need dedication, self-motivation, and hard work to keep on track and manage your time wisely. If you’re interested in becoming your own boss, limitless flexibility, and managing your own schedule, read on for seven habits to implement into your freelance career.

Eliminating time-wasters 

A common denominator among highly successful freelancers is their ability to create efficiency in day-to-day tasks. So, how do high-level freelancers stay tapped in? They eliminate time-wasters. Removing distractions like social media, television, and procrastination can improve your everyday workflow without a hovering boss dictating your every move. 

Additionally, you can take advantage of time-saving technology, like a digital P.O. box which enables you to manage, forward, and dispose of mail without leaving your home. Through a combination of efficiency-energizing technology and effective habits, you can squeeze more money-making hours out of each day. 

Staying organized 

Staying organized is a critical aspect of freelance work. Without an efficient organizational system, freelancers risk missed meetings, mismanaged finances, and failed projects. With the help of online calendars and reminder notifications, you can coordinate appointments and track business information with ease. 

Saying “no” to bad clients 

When freelancing, it can be tempting to approve every project opportunity in the name of exposure. However, working alongside poor clientele will ultimately waste your time and resources. 

Unfortunately, many untrustworthy clients will delay payment or cancel projects unexpectedly, leaving you out valuable time and money. To bypass dodgy partnerships, conduct screenings, and require partial up-front payment. That way, you can get a feel for the type of client they are and have a fall-back if things go south. 

Having multiple income sources 

The majority of successful freelancers have multiple income sources to fall back on. By splitting your time between business ventures and partners, you can spread your assets and protect yourself from unexpected pitfalls. Additionally, prioritize your relationships with clients to ensure your reputation stays intact even if a project falls through. 

Acting as a business owner 

To be successful in the freelance world, you should avoid acting like a typical corporate employee. Instead, lead with the confidence of a full-blown business owner. By running your freelance endeavors like a corporation, you can implement worthwhile strategies and avoid impractical, rigid practices.

Taking advantage of market gaps 

Taking advantage of obscure, unwanted jobs is an excellent way to create additional revenue as a freelancer. Typically, freelancers thrive with a wide variety of work, keeping them on their toes. Plus, taking on odd jobs allows you to learn new skills and build a reputation of adaptability in the freelance world.  

Keeping portfolios up-to-date 

Once you have a few projects under your freelance belt, make sure you update any work on marketing platforms and portfolio sites. By showcasing successful ventures and oddball projects online, you have an easily accessible, ongoing resume to pass on to potential clients. 

Before you go 

Though it may seem like being your own boss is fun and games, freelancing takes discipline and dedication. However, with careful planning, organization, and market research, you can dive into the freelance world and discover your (multiple) passions. 


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