5 Tips to Save On Your Streaming Services

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If you’re like most people, then you subscribe to several streaming services that you pay for each month. However, these services tend to increase their prices without much notice, which can sometimes mean paying much more out of your pocket each month. The amount you pay for some services could be the same as what you would pay for cable or satellite, which might be why you subscribed in the first place. There are a few ways that you can cut the price you pay without sacrificing the content that you enjoy watching.

Internet Providers Bundled with Streaming Services

Most of internet providers like Spectrum internet (Spectrum TV), Dish Network (Dish TV) and so on offers bundled internet plans which include, internet, phone and streaming services. This is a great package plan to avail for your internet and streaming services as you save money on this bundle.


Look at the services that you currently have to determine which one you don’t watch as often as the others. If there’s one that has content that you’ve seen repeatedly or content that isn’t of the genres that you like, then that’s the one that you should cancel. You can subscribe again at a later time if you have more money to spend or if there are new shows available.

Binge Watch

A benefit of streaming services is that you can pay for a month and then cancel your subscription until you’re ready to pick back up and watch your favorite shows and movies once again. Most services tend to have a schedule for showing movies and TV series. If you miss seeing a favorite the first time it’s on, then you can usually catch it again a few months later. This means that you might not have to subscribe to the service for those few months, saving you a little money. This is why you shouldn’t subscribe to a service for a full year as it’s harder to cancel compared to subscribing on a monthly basis. Another option would be to choose one or two services so that you can watch your favorites on those for a few months, cancel them, and then subscribe to others that have content that you enjoy.

Live TV

If you like live TV, then consider getting an antenna or a converter box. If you pay for the live TV option with a streaming service, then that will likely cost you compared to getting the basic package. There are a few services that are less expensive that offer basic live TV, such as Philo. Pluto TV and CBSN offer live TV options for free. Keep in mind that if you use an antenna, you won’t get a lot of the newer shows, but your wallet will thank you.

Free Trials

Most of the streaming services such as Netflix and Dish TV to name a few offers free trials. If you have time to watch content on the service, then you can possibly get through a season or two of your favorite series during the free trial. Most trials are for seven days so that you get an idea of how the service works and what’s available.


Review the policies that each service has to see if you can share the service with someone else. Most will allow two or three people to view the content that’s available if each person has the password. All of the people who use the service usually don’t have to live in the same home, which is another way to view multiple services while only paying for one or two. Make sure you review the policy of each service regularly as they can change and limit the number of passwords that you have to use.


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