5 Best Lip Balms in India for Every Budget:

5 Best Lip Balms in India

A Best lip balm is generally every Girl’s first cosmetic item. I recall using tinted lip balm in front of my mom’s vanity as a kid, pretending that it was lipstick. My love for lip balm has only grown stronger over time, and I am sure you will relate to it too.

Lip balm is an essential part of Your daily skincare routine and one you shouldn’t ever skip it. But, there are many choices in the market, with different price points, ingredients, tints, and whatnot. In general, it becomes pretty tough for a consumer to choose a lip balm that suits her needs. Innisfree Green Tea Lip Balm

This lip scar appears quite Easy in its appearance but is packed with a pinch of hydration using its lip-loving ingredients. It is accentuated with squalene, sunflower seed wax, castor seed oil, and green tea seed oil. Although it contains a great deal of pure oils, the texture of this lip balm is not heavy or oily in any way.

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1. Innisfreem Green Tea Lip Balm

It is likewise liberated from baddies Like mineral oil, silicone oil, tar tone, counterfeit aroma, polyacrylamide, imidazolidinyl urea and triethanolamine.. It is untinted and has a pleasant odor.


  • Delicious fragrance
  • Buttery texture
  • Lightweight
  • Intensely moisturising
  • Contains shea butter, castor oil, and beeswax
  • Large product quantity

2. Forest Essentials Lip Balm

This lavish lip balm out of Forest Basics combines some of the best ingredients for lip hydration. It includes organic beeswax, which hydrates your lips from within instead of just sitting on top of the lips as many lip balms do.

Cocoa seed butter also offer intense moisturising effects that are long-term.This lip elixir includes a divine It’s colourless which means that you can wear it under any lipstick.

The stunning golden compact Packaging features a tiny mirror that is excellent for on-the-go program.


  • Includes organic beeswax, sweet almond oil and vitamin E 
  • Long-lasting hydration 
  • Luxurious packaging with a mirror


  •  Product amount is less for the cost

3. Bobbi Brown Lip Balm SPF 15

If you’re in the mood to Splurge on an outstanding lip balm, look no further than this baby from the home of Bobbi Brown.

As This lip balm also Contains SPF 15, it’s a fantastic solution for the summertime to shield your lips from the harsh sun rays. The petrolatum in this lip balm acts as a shield for the lips and locks the moisture inside.

Well! It’s also free from And, last but not least! Additionally, it comes packed with a silver tin that makes it unbelievably luxurious.


  •  Large product amount 
  • ·Aloe vera, beeswax, avocado oil offer exceptional moisturization· 
  • Free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates and sulfites 
  • Contains SPF 15·
  •  Luxurious packaging


  •  Overpriced

4. The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Butter

If you’ve never tried a lip Balm in The Body Shop, you are seriously missing out. I strongly recommend the Strawberry Lip Butter to anybody looking for an affordable lip balm that feels pricey.

Unlike many strawberry-scented Lip balms that ordinarily get an artificial over-the-top fruity scent, this one smells like real fresh strawberries.

The consequences of the Item Feels like butter on the lips. And, it melts on your lips upon application.These are hydration legends and infiltrate profound into the skin.

It’s not like any other Budget-friendly lip balm on the marketplace. And thus, it deserves every inch to be one of the very best lip balms in India.


  • Delicious fragrance · 
  • Buttery feel · 
  • Intensely moisturising· 
  • Large product quantity


  •  Absolutely none!

5. Khadi Natural Chocolate Herbal Lip Balm

Khadi products truly redefine Affordability with their splendid collection of products that function. Their lip balms are formulated using all-natural ingredients and are free of problematic ingredients like SLS, parabens and mineral oil.

Instead, it comprises moisturising oils of avocado, apricot, jojoba, almond and wheat germ. Despite having such exceptionally hydrating ingredients, it will not make your lips feel heavy in any way.

It is not tinted and is Offered in a great deal of variants. Personally, I suggest the Chocolate one. The small tub is very convenient to transport and will fit in your luggage easily.


  • Intense moisturisation· 
  • Great product quantity for the price
  • Lightweight


  • The aroma may be excessively solid for a few ·
  • Using too much product may feel greasy

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