4 Tips for Those New to Video Editing – Get Professional Results at Home

Video Editing

Have you been dabbling in filming videos as of late and would love to take your passion further and start editing your videos as well? The good news is that, thanks to the technology that exists today, even beginners can try their hand at video editing and get some pretty solid results. Video editing can also act as a wonderful creative outlet, and you may end up becoming the friend that everyone will come to for help with their videos.

To help you on your journey into video editing, here are some tips that will ensure you get professional results at home.

Watch Some Tutorials – Get Familiar with the Process

A great way to get started in video editing is by watching video tutorials online. There is no shortage of these available, and many are directed at beginners and those just wanting to edit for fun. The steps and tools are explained in a way that isn’t complicated or overwhelming, and you’ll even be able to follow along if you choose. YouTube is usually the best source of information tutorials, so you can start there.

Make Sure You’ve Got the Right Hardware and Software

While there is a lot of creativity that can go into making a video look seamless and professional, another key to success is the hardware and software you use. Without the proper technology and tools, you won’t be able to churn out great looking videos.

It might make sense to invest some money into hardware and software before you dive too deep into video editing. There are specific desktops for video editing that will make the task much easier, more intuitive, and faster. Some will also come complete with the latest tools and software. This will be even more essential if you plan to turn video editing into a side job or full-time career down the road.

A few things to look for in a computer meant for video editing are:

  • Speed
  • At least 8GB RAM
  • Large monitor
  • Dual monitors

It should be noted if you want to make upgrades or customizations to your computer, it’s best to go with a PC rather than an Apple. As for the software, a couple of popular options are Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple iMovie.

Always Back Up Your Work

This may sound simple, but it is amazing how many times people end up losing their hard done work because they didn’t back it up. Experts always suggest you keep two copies of your files in two separate areas. An external hard drive is an excellent option for this.

What’s the Main Goal?

The final tip is to keep the main goal in mind – and that is to tell a story. Determine what the story is in advance, and then work on creating a video that lets that story unfold.

Using all of these tips, and injecting some creativity into your work, will ensure that you’re able to produce the kind of videos you had been hoping for. It’s all about practice and a little hard work.


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