4 Best Bvlgari Watches You Can Buy in Thailand

Best Bvlgari Watches
a silver stainless steel analog watch with a round golden dial made as a vintage luxury symbol isolated in a white background

The Bvlgari watches continue to mesmerize with their high-end technology and well-curated design. Since its initial production, this watch brand has continuously racked up massive records, including coming on top of the Octo Finissimo. But while the watch brand’s incredible reputation should act as a decoy to cash in, choosing the best to wear can be some legwork. If you’re looking for a Bvlgari watch in Thailand but don’t know which your best is, fret not because this article reviews the best models to put your hands on.

1. Bvlgari Octo Finissimo Titanium

This watch is arguably a torchbearer for modern-timepieces. And despite being a minimalist version of the Octo Finissimo watch, its striking appearances make it a top choice for fashion enthusiasts in Thailand. The watch perfectly pairs with official and casual wear, most notably those of a lighter shade. This watch doesn’t offer much on appearance, but abstract fashionistas will agree that this timepiece is a mesmerizing beauty.

2. Bvlgari Aluminum Watch Reference 103539

This Bvlgari model hasn’t rolled out multiple versions, but the existing matte black one will sure drive you head over wheels. Its sharp appearance brings out the boldness in you, and its engraved brand name makes it a relic. This limited-edition timepiece you can find by visiting https://www.cortinawatch.com/th/en/bvlgari/ is uniquely aesthetic and perfect for patching your wrists, whether on casual or official occasions. It adds a little swag to your everyday outfit and can be more fitting for such events.

3. Bvlgari Serpenti Seduttori

This watch is a women’s favorite and has a meticulous yet intriguing design and architecture. Its serpent-esque design might be marginally creepy, and if it freaks you out, you might have to turn to the Octo models. However, this watch bears a uniqueness, resembling a coiled serpent. Of course, other versions, including the secret reference 101836, are more lifelike of a serpent. However, the seduttori is simpler. But if you feel like giving people a tease of their adrenaline, this watch is just the best fit.

4. The Bulgari Octo Roma Central Tourbillon Papillon

If you fancy a bit of sophistication with a classic touch, this Octo Roma version should just be befitting. The watch’s trapezoidal indicators and the 18k rose gold octagonal-shaped Octo Roma case gives it a more sci-fi appearance. And the glad tiding is that you can still patch it on with any attire, be it casuals or official clothes. The watch comes with pink gold-colored straps, but the mainstay versions are usually black with matte black dials.


The Bvlgari watches offer you a perfect chance to get naughty and unleash your class and fashion elegance. But since the challenge is mainly getting the best to patch on your wrists, it can be mind-boggling. Regardless, any Bvlgari watch model can be fitting, but only a few make you rock the streets with a unique style. Hopefully, this article will aid you in finding the best Bvlgari watch models to keep you looking cool and give you a pop of modern fashion and style.


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