Zoom Calls: How to cancel unwanted noise with Krisp


Video conferences have become the modern face of work meetings for people around the globe. Chances are for some professions and work profiles, remote work stays a viable option post-pandemic, thus making tools like Zoom, Google Meet and others more important.

However, one of the issues a lot of people face while working from their residences is undesirable noise that often finds its way into their microphones. This may be typing sounds from their own keyboard, a dog barking in the next block, or anything in between. While some tools like Zoom offer you a built-in Noise Cancellation feature, it sometimes may not be enough. However, Krisp is a handy tool for PCs and Macs that will help users fix this issue.

How does Krisp work?

It acts as a middle man between your microphone input and video conference tool and uses its algorithms to detect and cancel out noise. The free tool also supports many popular conferencing tools including Zoom, Teams, Slack, Hangouts, Skype and Webex. There is also an ‘other apps’ option for any other service.

Setting up Krisp on your machine

Getting and setting up Krisp is easy. First head over to the Krisp website and sign up for free. Once that’s done, you will be taken to another page where you can download the tool to your computer. Set up the tool by opening the downloaded file.

Krisp, Krisp for Zoom, Here’s how the Krisp Notification tray box looks like. (Express Photo)

Once Krisp is set up on your machine, you will be able to control the tool from a small notification tray control panel. From here, choose your microphone in use and speaker output to enable Krisp’s noise cancellation. You can even do a quick test by recording a 15-second voice sample of yourself to see the difference. Now, you must set up Krisp as the middleman in a video conferencing tool.

Let’s see how you can do this on Zoom

Krisp, Krisp for Zoom, Here’s how to set up Krisp in Zoom. (Express Photo)

Open your Zoom client and head over to the settings. Under the audio settings, navigate to the microphone dropdown and choose Krisp microphone. You can also do this for your speaker/headphone output to cancel out unwanted noise incoming from other users.

Once these settings are made, apply them and enter your Zoom call. Your colleagues will experience much cleaner sound coming out from your end. Note that for the free version, Krisp will give you just 240 minutes of Krisp time each week. For the Pro features and unlimited use, the Krisp Personal Pro plan starts at $5 (about Rs 361) each month.

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