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Why the M1 chip powering both the iMac and iPad Pro is a game changer


Apple’s Spring Loaded event had a lot of announcements from colourful iMacs to smart AirTags. But the biggest tech advancements could well be how the M1 processor from Apple now literally powers both a desktop and a tablet as well as everything in between.

By taking its M1 chip into both sides of the MacBook’s spectrum, Apple has underlined its confidence on its silicon and showcased the versatility of what is the new chip on the block. So far no other company has really done this. So it remains to be see who this changes the industry in the long run. It is no longer about horses for courses, its about one horse that run wherever you want it to.

There is a lot of messaging in this strategy. Apple is saying that the iPad Pro is as powerful as the iMac or the MacBook and you are basically choosing a form factor for just that, the form factor. It does not matter that the iPad Pro is a tablet and the iMac one of the most powerful computers you can buy. The M1 will take both to the next level.

Over the past few years, Apple has been highlighting how the iPad Pro is as powerful or even more capable than most laptops. Today it has left little to imagination.

Yes, the iMac will have better thermal design because of its size, letting it do some extra stuff like processing multiple 4K HRD streams. And you will pic a device with a fan, like the iMac, for just that. But inside the iPad Pro too the capabilities will be the same.

They will both push the envelope in their own ways. So while the iMac can edit 8K video without a single frame drop, the iPad Pro will be able to help developers to code apps to create features never before seen in a device you could hold in your hand.

This is also leaving behind a lot of the competition. Apple is telling rivals in the computing space that its devices are way ahead of what they can offer, wherever the form factor it might have to offer. Given that Apple’s devices now run on an exclusive processor, it will be hard for other manufacturers, dependent on third-party chips, to offer the same versatility right away.

For that, a Samsung might have to come up with its own silicon for computing devices. Till that happens, Apple is going to be a rack above the rest.

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