WhatsApp chatbot by Robin Hood Army to help senior citizens with vaccine registration


A new WhatsApp chatbot will allow senior citizens to seek help and assistance with the ongoing vaccination process. The chatbot is being introduced courtesy of the the Robin Hood Army (RHA), which is a zero funds volunteer organisation and currently helping people during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The current system requires users to register on CoWIN and schedule vaccination. However, the process can be challenging for many who are not technology-savvy and this initiative can help many senior citizens. WhatsApp is after all the easiest and most popular way of communicating for many in India.  

The new feature will help senior citizens easily get in touch with a volunteer who will aid them about the vaccination process. The WhatsApp chatbot will also guide volunteers who want to come forward to join RHA, share surplus food or volunteer with #SeniorPatrol.

#SeniorPatrol is an initiative by the Robin Hood Army, which was introduced during the lockdown to help the senior citizens of India. RHA volunteers are spread out across 186 cities, across 21 states in India.

RHA volunteers who are a part of the movement are said to have helped thousands of senior citizens in 155 cities by helping them register on the CoWin platform and visit the vaccination centre for their appointment.

Here is how you can reach out to RHA on WhatsApp

1. Save the number; +91 8971966164 on your smartphone.

2. Open the WhatsApp app on your android or iOS smartphone by clicking on the icon.

3. Send ‘Hi’ to +91 8971966164 on WhatsApp.

4. Choose from the options provided by the chatbot.

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