What is the admission process of the best Indian Schools In Abu Dhabi?


Abu Dhabi is home to a number of Indian schools and universities. Looking at the bright future that the city of Abu Dhabi and its people share, these institutions teach and train today’s youth into competent leaders of tomorrow. Determined towards their respective goals, these schools work with unconventional educational frameworks that have been designed to meet the demands of the current world.

Abu Dhabi is one of the highly developed cities in the world. With its advancements in technology, manufacturing, etc, schools are able to benefit in various ways. However, not all schools utilize the full benefit of these advancements. The reason behind this lies in the fact that some schools in Abu Dhabi still use conventional methods of teaching.

Conventional methods tend to focus more on textbook learning in the classroom. However today, just having the knowledge in respective fields, is not enough. Today the world demands more and hence it becomes the duty of the schools to deliver. Unconventional schools, with their unconventional methods and supreme results, provide confidence to every student, to go out in the world and make their stand. 

Global Indian International (GIIS), is famous in Abu Dhabi and is considered as one of the finest educational institutes the city has to offer, these schools are often teeming with admission requests from parents wanting a holistic development for their children. Read below how you can apply for your loved one’s admission with maximum ease.  

How to Contact International Schools in Abu Dhabi

Most schools in Abu Dhabi, maintain their own personal websites. These websites are designed to benefit parents who wish to navigate through the list of creative activities and programs the school offers for their child. Parents who wish to enroll their children into these schools can make the first contact with the school of their choice through its respective website.

By filling out basic contact info, parents can wait for the school to contact them. Parents can arrange an in-person meeting or a virtual meeting with the school authorities based on their preference. Since these schools receive a bundle of applications every term, it is better to schedule a meeting since that makes the whole system much more efficient.

Abu Dhabi Indian School Admission Process

The meeting remains beneficial for both sides since the teachers and other authorities can talk with the parents and hence have a brief understanding about their students before the commencement of classes, thus, parents are better able to understand their teaching methods, curriculums, fee structures, etc. 

After the meeting, parents can apply for admission when the admission process begins for a term. They are expected to fill out the application form and are requested to submit it to the school authorities before the last date. The final step in the admission process is the payment of fees.

Schools of Indian origin in Abu Dhabi, accept the yearly fees in installments. Parents can choose to either pay the fees in a lump sum or pay it in certain fixed installments. GIIS Abu Dhabi, for example, accepts yearly fees in 3 installments, one for each term as mentioned in the curriculum. 

GIIS Abu Dhabi and its exceptional framework

Abu Dhabi International school around the world have adopted the 9GEMS holistic framework of education. This framework provides the students multiple curriculums to choose from. Giving the students a chance to choose their subjects increases their interest in their school work and students can work better in such a comfortable learning environment.

As mentioned above, not all schools can make use of today’s advanced resources in their classrooms. However, frameworks like the 9GEMS framework ensure the teaching methods are revised and updated in fixed intervals. This ensures the inclusion of the latest technology in their classrooms with which the teachers can boost student’s creativity and can take their intellect to a whole new level. 

Abu Dhabi International School

Now that we have talked about the unconventional schools in Abu Dhabi Indian school admission processes, it is important to discuss what makes these schools so special, once again. The updated teaching methods of these schools which are crafted through delicate experimentation, have again and again given us skyrocketing results.

Some conventional schools today need to reform their methods. They need to realize that the students over the years have taken a huge leap in terms of skills and development. Hence schools cannot continue to make use of the old conventional ways that were set up over a century ago.


Schools like GIIS, Abu Dhabi make use of their NextGen campuses with the best technological equipment to expand the horizon of learning. Their team of teachers, who have been trained in the profession for years, focuses on creating an environment of comfort for the students. With such teachers, students face no difficulty in overcoming the hard obstacles of life.


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