Twitter is getting its new verification process ready: Here’s what it could look like


Twitter is working a new form for verification requests, which could make the process simpler for many users. This was highlighted by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, who typically reveals plenty of upcoming product features for major platforms.

Wong has shared detailed images of what this verification form will look like when it goes live for users, though she has also added in her tweet it is not clear when the platform will release the feature.

It looks like the new form will ask users for their qualifications, their government ID photo, links to tweets with news coverage about them, etc. The user will have an option to review all the information before they submit it to Twitter as well. When signing up for the verification, users will have to explain a bit about themselves, and choose from a set of categories which are pre-decided.

Check out Wong’s tweet below 

In January 2021, Twitter had said it would start de-badging of inactive and incomplete accounts and that the verification process is expected to restart soon as well. Officially, ‘verification’ of accounts has been on hold since November 2017. Once an account is verified, Twitter hands it the coveted ‘blue tick’.

Twitter had suspended verifications because it said that the blue tick “was seen as an endorsement of some individuals” by the company, which was not necessarily the case.

It said that it will use “both automated and human review” to handle the upcoming applications for verifications. When the verification process restarts, the account applying for the same needs to be a notable one to get verified.

According to the company’s blog post on the issue, the account “must represent or otherwise be associated with a prominently recognised individual or brand,” linked to the fields such as the government, including heads of state, elected officials, ministers, well-known companies, brands and organisations, news organisations and journalists, entertainment, sports, activists, organisers, and other influential individuals.

Regarding addition of categories, such as academics and scientists, Twitter has it will explore this issue further.

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