Travel Guide to Palermo – The Capital of Sicily

Travel Guide to Palermo

With a population of 1.2m, Palermo is the fifth greatest conurbation in Italy. It is the capital city of Sicily, which lies to the southwest of the Italian territory. Because of its strategic area, Palermo was under occupation by the Greeks, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Arabs, and the Normans, prior to turning out to be important for modern Italy in 1860. 

Once the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, the city is sprinkled with architectural reminders of each occupying civilization. Different attractions occupying Sicilian gastronomy, stunning churches, outdoor markets, elegant squares, lively nightlife, and the chance to explore the rest of the island. Palermo has explored the rest of the island for quite a long time to shake off its relationship with the Mafia and is actively developing its more healthy components, specifically the restoration of its magnificent historical buildings. 

Reasons why you should go?

In the event that archeology, history, wonderful architecture, and Roman Catholic heritage are among your heritage, Palermo will fulfill all your need to explore the ancient building. Enjoy a high Italian opera show at the Teatro Massimo; opera at the Saracen curves and Byzantine mosaics in the Palazzo dei Normanni. Also, explore by walking a large group of delightful & beautiful churches, palaces, and city squares.

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Best time to go? 

Palermo enjoys the Mediterranean climate, with gentle, wet winters and hot, dry summers. The yearly normal temperature is 18.5 degrees centigrade. At the height of summer, the heat can get awkward and uncomfortable. A visit in May could include the World Beach Festival and additionally the Avvinado, a wine that includes highlights of 450 Italian wines. July sees the Santa Rosalia Festival, with parades and processions parades and processions Palermo’s patron saint. Palermo is additionally a phenomenal spot to celebrate Easter.

How to arrive there? 

Palermo Airport, 32 km west of the city, welcomes flights from countries all over Europe, as well as from Tunis and Tel Aviv. Those travelers who are looking to go there at affordable rates. So, just visit the lufthansa official website and get your flight ticket online and save up to 40% off on every booking to Palermo or your favorite place where you want to fly.

After reaching the airport, there are trains from the air terminal to the city’s central station. You can likewise get a ferry to Palermo from Naples, Genoa, and Malta. For inside Palermo, there is a metro system with great connectivity. 

Attractions should see 

The Galleria Regionale Della Sicilia and the Museo Archeologico Regionale are respectively among the finest art galleries and architectural museums that Italy has to offer to its travelers. 

Palermo Cathedral is the gem in the crown of the city’s religious buildings. Re-fuel at Pizzerias and Gelaterias (ice-cream parlors). The Oratorio del Rosario di San Domenica and the Oratorio di San Lorenzo contain exquisite sculptures, mosaics, and artwork. In the event that you tire of the city, why not climb up Mount Pellegrino for dazzling views of the city and its surroundings. Still, if you need to go even higher, there’s consistently Mount Etna, at 3,320m Europe’s tallest dynamic and the tallest active volcano!

In the Nutshell

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